Zhang Fei does not fear the earth is not afraid, only afraid of a single person, do not dare to arbitrarily fight

In China’s Three Kingdoms, Zhang Fei is considered a very famous general. Regardless of how strong or strong the opponent is, Zhang Phi has never been shy. Although Lu Bu’s martial arts was much higher, Truong Phi did not choose to withdraw, so many times directly welcomed Lu Bu.

Van Sinh was not too famous, but he was very good at defending the city. Luu Tong after surrendering to Cao Cao, Van Sinh followed that and became Cao’s retainers, Cao Cao ordered Cao Thuan and Van Sinh to go and fight Liu Bei.

Liu Bei failed in the battle of Trường Bản, only managed to escape, Trương Phi defended Liu Bei, rushed to fight the Cao army, and at this time, Van Sinh came out to block the road, Truong Phi was excited with enthusiasm, but When he met Van Sinh, he immediately stopped. Liu Bei was scolded as a rebellious man, Van Sinh was embarrassed and forgave him.

Cheung Phi’s character on the small screen

From the reaction of Truong Phi when he met Van Sinh, it can be seen that Truong Phi did not dare to face the opponent directly because he felt that he was not the opponent.

Saying that Zhang Fei was afraid of Van Sinh, it seemed a bit warm. When Luu Tong was not yet surrendered to Cao Cao, Liu Bei had a peaceful period of living with the forces in Kinh Chau, Truong Phi might have fought. with Văn Sạn. Faced with Van Sinh’s onslaught, Truong Phi’s feeling of hesitation was also very normal.

Talking about Van Sinh, he stood out with his ability to lead the battle, he has repeatedly led the army to defeat Guan Yu.

Can fight with Guan Yu without ever losing, even as the famous general of the Three Kingdoms, few people can do so. Van Sinh’s details in the novel “The Three Kingdoms of Expression” are not many, making his practical ability not directly reflected.

Zhang Fei does not fear the earth is not afraid only afraid of a single person do not dare to arbitrarily fight | Manga/Film

Van Sinh character on the small screen

Van Sinh defended Giang Ha for decades maintaining a solid defensive advantage. Moreover, when Ton Quyen attacked Giang Ha, with less troops than the enemy, Van Sinh still led the army a lot. was able to counterattack enemy attacks, this is also a testament to his ability to lead soldiers than his own.

In order to make such a brave and aggressive celebrity like Truong Phi also have to “stop”, Van Sinh is certainly not a trivial general, only regret that he is not mentioned much in the history and glory of the Three Kingdoms. Although most were ceded to the Five Tiger Generals, the Prime Minister, or the Four Great Admirals, in reality, during the Three Kingdoms period, there were many talented heroes who were full of strategy.

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