Zed broke Aphelios’s gun with one look, Kayn suddenly became invisible.

Zed has been a very good assassin since he was born in defeating weak targets, especially ADCs like Aphelios. Even the psychology of fear of assassins of ADC players is so great that they keep seeing one Zed turn on Youmuu’s Ghost Sword and run in chaos without knowing anything. Even the Aphelios turret felt this fear and dissipated itself when Zed approached instead of attacking to protect the owner.

Gunpowder or The Watchtower is the skill of Aphelios in the form of the Crescendum Wheel of Ascension, it can attack enemies and apply the effect of secondary weapons. The theory is like that but it seems to have betrayed the situation when it automatically disappears when Zed comes closer and makes Aphelios die faster instead of able to buy a little more time.

Zed suddenly had a “celestial eye” neutralizing Aphelios’s gun

If Zed encounter an entirely new error in League of Legends then his student, Kayn, made a mistake that could be called “as old as the Earth” that was invisible Nunu. Kayn only able to penetrate through the E – Ministry, but miraculously after exiting the Ministry, Kayn still runs very fast and even invisibly to close to the enemy.

This bug of Kayn appears most often on General Nunu & Willump when many cases of this champion naturally disappear and then suddenly appear and throw the snowball at you. Assassins like Kayn, which have great damage, now easily access from this invisibility error, the opponent has no way to fight back. Both are extremely serious game errors when the interactions of champion skills are not done properly and make the game naturally much wrong.

Zed broke Aphelios s gun with one look Kayn suddenly became invisible | Esports

Both Shadow Killer and Rhaast are too dangerous to approach enemies

It is unknown what Riot Games will do with more than 20 professional game designers and 200 years of balancing their game.

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