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Yua Mikami reveals a career story, having considered a lot of thoughts about the future

In the adult movie industry in the country of cherry blossoms today, it is hard to find a name more famous Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the field of 18+ and quickly became one of the most famous stars, not only in Japan but also across Asia in current time.

Currently, Yua Mikami is extremely successful in all fields that she participates. Not only top the current adult film charts, she also achieved significant success in the field of singing when the group Honey Popcorn just released a new MV. Not only that, she is also very busy with her own projects such as modeling, participating in TV shows or developing a personal fashion brand called YOUR’S.

She was born in 1993 and has participated in many different jobs, from singing, modeling to fashion design. In June, Yua officially restarted her YouTube channel and quickly achieved convincing success. So far, Yua Mikami has more than 200 followers of her channel, a dream number with many true YouTubers.

In recent years, Yua has not had many activities because the country is falling into the period of social isolation. However, she also had a long interview with a newspaper in Japan to share about her career, experience and memories during 5 years of pursuing AV industry after entering this career. from 2015 to the present.

In fact, there will only be one adult movie Yua Mikami. She wants to use it as a lever to return to showbiz. However, this product is much more successful than expected. From producer to viewer, everyone wants Yua to continue. At this point, Yua pondered whether she should stay and keep trying or giving up. It took her half a year to make her decision.

Yua Mikami reveals a career story having considered a lot of thoughts about the future | Khám phá

In 2016, Yua received the Fanza Adult Award’s Best Rookie Award, also known as the “Japanese Adult Film Oscar”. The rookie award is really a great joy for Yua, because of all the hard beginnings, no one thinks that he can be so successful.

Indeed, Yua Mikami’s career changed a lot when she entered the adult film industry. At the age of 15, she achieved her dream of becoming an idol in a mainstream group and did this. However, it quickly became that she felt out of motivation and lost her goal of trying. Even so, life is still very long, perhaps to 20 years old bored and left everything? Therefore, the new goal is also a new motivation for Yua to strive and continue in the future.

Yua Mikami reveals a career story having considered a lot of thoughts about the future | Khám phá

In addition, Yua also shared more about what he learned about attitudes from idols in the music industry. If Yua started out as a normal girl, entered the 18+ industry and won the award in the first year, Yua would be arrogant and complacent. That will make her snob, and can be hated by everyone for inappropriate behavior.

The difference is, Yua Mikami started out as an idol, where the starting point is young girls like her. In the music and showbiz industry, you just need to be a little bit better, a little more active and people will be jealous and envious. Because of such an idol environment, Yua gathered and gained more experience in becoming a celebrity.

Yua Mikami reveals a career story having considered a lot of thoughts about the future | Khám phá

Now, her attitude is also very different. Even if everyone says that what Yua Mikami has done is very good, she herself doesn’t think so. This may be a bit odd, always having a humble attitude which seems to be a bad fit when she has become a star. modest in heart. It takes effort, through hardship, to perceive that.


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