YouTuber ‘transformed’ a watermelon into a very cool Game Boy, played a delicious game

The Game Boy is one of the most popular handhelds in gaming history, having been with many generations of childhood not only for gamers, but also by other mainstream users. Although there are many more high-end gaming devices with more modern technology nowadays, Game Boy has always occupied an important place in the hearts of true gamers, and even sought for the purpose of collect.

Because of his long-standing reputation, Game Boy has also become one of the most dabbled by fans, to produce the most modded versions. Recently, YouTuber Cedishappy has combined a legendary Nintendo gaming device into a watermelon, and a delicious “battle” game title once known Pokémon Emerald.

YouTuber “transforms” a watermelon into a Game Boy machine, still plays a good game.

Cedishappy, whose real name is Cedrick, who is an information systems student at Singapore Management University, said he came up with this idea during a social quarantine because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Basically, Melon Boy (the unofficial name of the mod above) is a small Raspberry Pi computer connected to a keypad, an LCD screen and an external battery. All then are designed to fit inside a hollowed out watermelon.

Cedrick shares: “Creating a console is a project that I really love and want to give to the rpi (Raspberry Pi) community. If you are a member of this community, then projects like mine are definitely something you cannot ignore. However, I want to build a gaming machine from a minicomputer in the most surprising and different way possible“.

The reason this guy chose watermelon for his project is because its shell is sturdy enough to protect the hardware inside, but also brittle enough to easily chisel positions for buttons and screens. In addition, he also chose a small, palm-sized melon for convenient handling and control in the future.

After completing his work, this guy immediately brought the Melon Boy to public places such as grocery stores, supermarkets or the subway to record the reactions of people around. And of course, most of them were surprised that they were confusing, mixed a little excited when they saw a young man casually playing video games on a watermelon.

The whole process of creating Cedrick’s unique watermelon Game Boy.

According to Vice

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