YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to ‘swing away’ as easily as Batman

If you are a stubborn fan of Batman, or a gamer who has burned a lot of time in the Just Cause series, you are probably no stranger to the grappling gun. This is a tool that can help users effectively when they climb or want to “speed up” quickly in a short range. When shown on a large and small screen, the effects of a grappling gun are often slightly exaggerated and can be used as an offensive weapon. It is also the key that helps Batman, even though he doesn’t know how to fly, or does not know how to fly like Spider-Man, can easily move flexibly in dangerous, rocky terrain.

Overly enamored with this small but martial tool, YouTuber JT, owner Channel YouTuber Built IRL, decided to make a homemade grappling gun for himself. This is not a novel invention because there have been many similar projects that have been launched many years before. However, JT’s string gun has more subtle upgrades, is more modern, and is closer to what we see in movies than ever before.

Guy YouTuber JT has made a grappling gun to be able to “fly” like Batman.

JT’s Grappling gun has an aluminum outer frame to minimize the weight of the gun. The most important parts fit inside, including a 14-hole brushless 1-way motor; 9: 1 planetary gearbox; 800 psi pressurized CO2-powered launcher; governor 200A ESC integrated with homemade circuit; homemade anchor hooks for user safety; 2 pulley system to fix the user’s hand, to avoid being dislocated when shooting the rope; and the speed and directional adjustment valves are designed to be used with their thumb.

One of the most important parts of the grappling gun is the zipper. JT has used 14 meters of umbrella wire because of its solidity, toughness, stretchability, low cost and wrapped around a solid aluminum core. This entire coil tube is powered by a lithium-Polymer battery pack 1800mAh / tablet.

YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to swing away as easily as Batman | Living

All of these components are neatly assembled by JT inside the grappling gun for a minimal overall size that fits the user’s forearm.

YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to swing away as easily as Batman | Living

The grappling gun has a compact design.

After completing the fabrication and assembly process, with a compact design that fits the forearm of an adult, JT began testing his grappling gun – which is also the most anticipated part. . No matter how cool an invention is, after all, practical application is our ultimate goal.

Can this grappling gun be applied in practice or not?

In the first time, JT tested with a height of 10 meters, and he was completely able to “fly to the top” in about 10 seconds with his wire launcher. However, to ensure his safety, he skipped the launch of the rope, but simply tied the hook end of the rope to the target previously manually and swung himself into the air.

YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to swing away as easily as Batman | Living

The first test took place safe and simple.

Next, JT turned to testing in the ruffled area, and this time he decided to launch a hook up to the ceiling before swinging himself, just like Batman used to do in frantic criminal pursuits. Everything went pretty well, and the ruffling system underfoot also helped JT to focus on his performance with peace of mind. However, this test also points out one critical weakness of the parachute string: It is easily cut off by sharp edges in the ceiling, especially when he swings back and forth too many times.

YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to swing away as easily as Batman | Living

The second test included a wire release.

In both tests above, JT said he only used about 75% of the power of the grappling gun only. When on “full map” – with a capacity of about 1000W, this tool can easily put you up in the blink of an eye without too much difficulty. However, unlike movies, this device still has many limitations, mainly because JT has to use his thumb to adjust the gun, and he has to use the other 4 fingers to grip the handle firmly and pull. my whole body was high. This is a quite risky move and requires the user to have strong forearms, biceps and shoulder muscles to avoid injury or accident. That is why he had to wear a specialized protective gear and hook it up with the umbrella to distribute the pull throughout his body, instead of focusing on just one of his arms.

YouTuber makes his own powerful wire gun to swing away as easily as Batman | Living

When testing outdoors, without protective gear, JT realized many limitations in his invention.

However, it must be said again, the JT grappling gun can be considered as the best homemade version up to now. In his video, he also mentioned a number of similar previous inventions and their limitations, mainly due to their bulky design, uncertain hook head and low power. All of them have been overcome by him relatively successfully after 1 year of tinkering in the invention. Nam YouTuber also confirmed that he still has many ideas to change and upgrade his string gun to the most complete.

You can follow the full process of introducing and testing JT’s grappling gun in the video below.

The whole process of making the climbing hook shotgun by YouTuber JT.

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