YouTuber creates a set of Wolverine claws that can pierce a solid concrete wall

Remember the YouTube channel theHacksmith recently created that Iron Man glove that can release super-hot plasma to cut metal? They are back with another very impressive superhero project: Wolverine’s skeleton claws, which appeared in the first odd movie. Like the Iron Man glove, this claw can be used in real life with the ability to pierce almost everything, including a super-thick concrete wall.

This is essentially a personal project of James Hobson, a member of theHacksmith to celebrate the 11th anniversary of their YouTube channel. 11 years ago, he had created a similar Wolverine claws but there are still many limitations and even poses many dangers for users because the design is not optimized. However, that claw is the inspiration for him and his friends to create theHacksmith, so far has reached nearly 9 million followers.

The process of making Wolverine claws real life, can penetrate even super hard concrete walls.

With this return, James wanted his project to be a bit old school, so he chose to design the skeleton claw of Wolverine, the version before the Weapon X program covered adamantium on it. It’s about the exterior design, but James still uses metal for his project. He explained that real bones or similar materials were quite brittle and could easily be crushed to pieces (like in a movie).

After shooting the entire manufacturing process, from stitching up ideas, designing on computers, printing, welding, editing, finally comes to the most anticipated part of the viewer: Will this Wolverine’s fake bone claw Is it just as bad as in comics or on the big screen? To increase the dramatic, James even decided to retouch the face to transform into a Wolverine hybrid version of comic book and Hugh Jackman’s. Next, he experimented with a variety of objects such as bags of rice, cabbage or fruits such as watermelon, melon, and even a sturdy basketball ball. All were easily penetrated by this claw, and even torn to pieces.

“Real-life Wolverine” and the challenge of piercing concrete walls with his claws.

Next, James decided to face the real challenge: a tall concrete wall. To ensure safety for himself, he had to wear protective gloves and did not forget to remind viewers that he should not follow him at home if he does not have the necessary support. Initially, he probed by stabbing at the edge of the wall, causing it to be chipped and peeled off after the first few stabs. Feeling successful, he boldly tested the area in the middle of the wall and easily penetrated it forcefully, impressively. The end of the video is a humorous detail when the Wolverine claw homemade hegemony so that but can not cut off fragile toilet paper piece, weak.

Currently, this video has attracted nearly 1.8 million views after nearly a week of posting and received many positive comments from the online community, because werewolf Logan is a character who has a lot of fans. Graves worldwide. Not only the comic version, but even on the big screen, Wolverine also won the hearts of the audience thanks to Hugh Jackman’s excellent role-playing ability. Unfortunately, recently, the actor has confirmed that he will not return to this role anymore, despite the promising upcoming X-Men reboot in the Marvel movie universe.

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