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Your Phone app on Windows 10 is about to allow users to drag and drop content to copy

Microsoft is trying to regain its face after the failure of Windows Phone by focusing on building mobile applications. One of the key applications that Microsoft has invested in is Your Phone.

This application was launched in 2018 with the expectation of being a bridge between computers running Windows 10 and mobile devices running Android or iOS. When it was first launched, Your Phone was just an app that allowed you to see notifications, SMS messages and photos on your phone right from your computer.

However, Microsoft will bring a feature most expected on this application, which is the ability to copy and share data between computers and phones. All just by dragging and dropping the file you want to copy.

According to the page Windows Latest, Microsoft is secretly developing drag and drop to copy and share content between computer and phone in Windows Settings. However, it is not clear which content Microsoft will allow to share and the maximum file size.

Your Phone app on Windows 10 is about to allow users to drag and drop content to copy | ICT News

In the application code, Windows Latest detects code lines like “SharedContentPhotos”, “ContentTransferCopyPaste” and “ContentTransferDragDrop”. It is likely that this feature will soon appear on Your Phone in the upcoming Windows 10 update.

In addition, Microsoft is said to be developing a calling feature, supporting users to make phone calls directly or reject calls right on the Your Phone app.

There are many third-party applications and services that provide the same functionality as Your Phone. However, the attractive point of Your Phone is that users do not need to install because Microsoft has built-in Windows 10 platform. Not to mention because this is a genuine Microsoft application, you can feel secure when sharing data. via the application.

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