You probably didn’t know: The famous detective Sherlock Holmes once stopped Deadpool from destroying the Marvel universe

In the 80s of the last century, Marvel tried to adapt Sherlock Holmes to a comic version with The Hound of Baskervilles (The Baskerville’s Hound). This is considered a pretty bold move, because at that time, artists often sought to evade projects involving this great fictional detective. They had too many difficulties in researching materials to depict the context of the time in which Sherlock Holmes lived (remember that Google was not born then). And of course, Holmes became part of Marvel.

But, maybe you do not know, Holmes’s influence on the comic book production company is much greater than that. He was the one who pursued and prevented the plot of wiping out the entire Marvel universe of Deadpool in the miniseries Deadpool Killustrated.

Detective Sherlock Holmes once stopped Deadpool from destroying the Marvel comic universe. And if this universe does not exist, then there will be no mighty MCU as it is today.

Whether immortal or possessing badassic powers, Deadpool knows that he alone can not confront the entire Marvel superhero. So he gathered an army of geniuses, activated a portal to teleport and traveled to a world called “Ideaverse”. Here, Deadpool turns out to kill the classic characters of the animation world, including very famous names like Captain Ahab, 3 musketeers, Pinocchio or the mermaid Ariel.

The reason Deadpool gives is simple: These characters are the inspiration for creating Marvel superheroes. If they die, Marvel will be wiped out. Besides, every time a character falls down, Deadpool has the ability to recognize which “descendants” of Marvel have been defeated. For example, if Captain Ahab is killed, General Thunderbolt Ross will leave as well; Pinocchio – The Vision (an artificial entity in Marvel with the desire to become a true “boy”); March sisters – She-Hulk, Mockingbird, Black Widow and Elektra. In short, superheroes inspired by the characters killed by Deadpool have no chance to exist.

You probably didn t know The famous detective Sherlock Holmes once stopped Deadpool from destroying the Marvel universe | Live

Instead of going directly to Marvel superheroes, Deadpool chose to kill “ancestors”, or more accurately, the inspiration to create them.

However, this mass murder action of Deadpool could not surpass the eyes of the talented detective Sherlock Holmes. He immediately set out and began to track down the mutant to prevent his crazy scheme. Using H.G.’s time machine Wells and Holmes traveled to different fantasy lands and assembled their own “Avengers” team. This includes famous names like Mulan (Mulan); Natty Bumppo, marksman in Leatherstocking Tales; Beowulf, and of course the close associates – Dr. Watson. However, even with this squad, they could not defeat Deadpool (he even “cheat the game” when working with Frankenstein monsters).

Cruelly drawn, Holmes continued to discover one more bad truth: his transcendent brain was gradually forgetting the existence of classic stories like Moby Dick or Macbeth, because Deadpool killed the character of these series. Realizing the conspiracy of the mutant is gradually succeeding, Holmes struggles with his own mind to recall the lost stories, to keep them alive.

You probably didn t know The famous detective Sherlock Holmes once stopped Deadpool from destroying the Marvel universe | Live

Sherlock Holmes’s “Avengers” team consists of many characters from different stories.

In the end, Ideaverse collapsed while both Holmes and Deadpool were trapped. The mutant said he did not need to survive to carry out his plan, because readers have gradually turned away from the classic characters. Without these characters, the Marvel universe will never be formed. Determined not to give in, Holmes continued to collect data and discovered that Ideaverse could recover with two conditions: Deadpool was killed and it had to be a survivor to tell the whole story. he deleted.

Deadpool then died, and Holmes started a new journey to find the memories, find the words, each story line has disappeared as well as all the characters that were killed by Deadpool. Although this process is an extreme torture, Holmes still bites her teeth to revive Ideaverse, indirectly saving the Marvel universe later.

To this day, Marvel is still growing extremely strong both in the comic and movie versions, with a mighty MCU, which owns hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Holmes not only saved Marvel, but also the whole fantasy world destroyed by Deadpool. This can be considered as one of the most impressive achievements this talented detective has ever achieved, but little is known. And don’t be surprised if you meet someone who calls him the greatest superhero in the Marvel universe.

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