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You may not know: Not Pikachu, this is the first Pokemon to appear in the world

With this question, most players will immediately think of Pikachu, when it is also the first Pokemon to appear in the series as well as movies. But if you think that small yellow mouse is the answer, you’re wrong.

Never assume that the first Pokemon you see will be the world’s first Pokemon. And if you are a fan of the game and series, Pokemon movie, surely many people will think of Arcerus – Pokemon which is considered the first pokemon, and also the creator of countless other Pokemon species in the world.

This answer seems more logical and logical, as well as showing the respondents’ deep knowledge and knowledge. Unfortunately, it is not the correct answer from Nintendo. But do not be bothered by it, because in fact, 99% of people who get this question will also get the wrong answer.

In fact, the correct answer here is … Rhydon.

You may not know Not Pikachu this is the first Pokemon to appear in the world | Khám phá

Rhydon is the world’s first Pokemon

This giant gray Pokemon looks like both a dinosaur and a rhino – animals that are considered to be quite long. Rhydon often used his horns for attacks, while its thick crust resembled a protective armor, a shield that was strong enough to withstand physical shocks and temperature differences. . But overall, Rhydon is a very strong and precious Pokemon.

However, why is Rhydon considered the first Pokemon of the world?

You may not know Not Pikachu this is the first Pokemon to appear in the world | Khám phá

In an interview with Ken Sugimori, a painter, and also regarded as the father of the Pokemon, he admitted that most of the original designs of the Pokemon were based on the image of the dinosaur. dragon – tyrant and still considered the most powerful animal in history.

This partly explains the Rhydon’s dinosaur-shaped rhino pattern. And in fact, you’ll also see that Rhydon’s image is always the first pokemon in Red and Green’s Pokedex programming data – the first protagonists, and also the first Pokemon collectors of all comic books, movies and Pokemon games.

And if you have a note, you’ll also find that Rhydon statues have a fairly dense frequency of appearances in Pokemon movies. It’s no coincidence, it’s a calculated arrangement of Nintendo.

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