Xiaomi’s 120W charger is revealed

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is constantly improving and upgrading its devices, in order to provide the best user experience. There are small changes that users may not realize, but the significance is quite significant. For example, most Xiaomi smartphones today have a minimum battery capacity of 4,000 mAh or more, instead of 3,000 mAh as before.

Fast charging is also a feature that Xiaomi always equips its smartphones. Previously, 18W charging power was enough to satisfy users. But now, Xiaomi has launched smartphones that support fast charging up to 65W. And it seems that has not stopped there, just recently a Xiaomi charger with a capacity of up to 120W was revealed on Weibo.

This 120W charger is very large in size, with the Xiaomi logo and the above details. However, due to the poor image quality, it is difficult to confirm the reliability of this leaked photo.

According to this image, Xiaomi’s 120W charger supports 20V / 6A, and also supports 20V / 5A and 11V / 6A.

Xiaomi s 120W charger is revealed | Mobile

Another leaked information on Weibo also confirms that the Xiaomi smartphone that supports this charger will have a maximum charging capacity of 100W.

A few months ago, Xiaomi still said that 100W charging technology was not ready to launch. In fact, fast charging will dramatically reduce battery life. According to Xiaomi, the maximum capacity of the battery can be reduced by up to 20%. With a 4,000 mAh battery, the actual capacity will be only 3,200 mAh, which is a huge limitation.

Reference: GizChina

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