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Xiaomi launches smart light switch, priced from 170,000 VND

Xiaomi has recently added to its smart appliance ecosystem a new product: the MIJIA Smart Electric Drive. The product comes in two versions: single switch and dual switch, currently being raised money on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding site in China.

Like conventional switches, MIJIA smart switches have a simple task of allowing users to control the electric light bulb right on the bed without having to get up and run to the switch to turn the light on / off. Like in a cold winter, no one wants to step out of the blanket to run to turn on the light switch. Xiaomi’s smart switch will solve this problem.

Xiaomi launches smart light switch priced from 170 000 VND | Digital toys

Users can connect smart switch to 3 different devices: XiaoAI smart speaker, Bluetooth devices or via phone app. Thus, to use the switch, users can perform voice commands, use smartphones or other IoT devices located in the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi says the MIJIA smart switch has a durability of about 80,000 hits and is fire resistant. Products can replace the traditional switch and connect wires directly to electric bulbs.

Xiaomi launches smart light switch priced from 170 000 VND | Digital toys

Currently, the MIJIA smart switch is being funded on the Youpin platform and will be sold for 49 yuan for the single switch version, 59 yuan for the dual switch version, equivalent to 170,000 VND and 205,000 VND.

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