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Xiaomi launches MORROR ART bluetooth speaker: Transparent screen, displaying lyrics, priced at 10 million

Xiaomi has just launched a new product on the Youpin crowdfunding platform, fully named MORROR ART Transparent Bluetooth Speaker. Basically, this is a bluetooth speaker but has the ability to display lyrics in a transparent screen, allowing you to enjoy music in a new style than ever before.

MORROR ART bluetooth speaker is equipped with a 21.5 inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). It uses AR-coated glass, a type of high-transparency glass often used to protect objects when displayed in museums.

The product is integrated with backlight technology from Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, which allows the display of appropriate brightness to bring the most comfortable feeling to the user’s eyes even in low-light environments, even lice are night.

Xiaomi launches MORROR ART bluetooth speaker Transparent screen displaying lyrics priced at 10 million | Digital toys

MORROR ART speaker uses a shell made of 6-series aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of moderate strength, high corrosion resistance and looks quite advanced. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, this speaker has a physical size of 525 x 140 x 322 mm and weighs 10kg.

Products are equipped with two speakers with a diameter of 100mm, use 32bit controller and can fine tune the sound according to user preferences. In addition to adjusting the music according to the genre of music, this speaker also supports 3 other preset modes, including high fidelity sound mode, speech mode and rhythm mode.

MORROR ART Xiaomi’s transparent bluetooth speakers

MORROR ART transparent bluetooth speakers are now being sold on Xiaomi’s Youpin community fundraising platform, which starts shipping on January 31 and has a crowdfunding price of 2999 yuan (about 10 million dong). After the fundraising period expires, the device will be sold at a retail price of 3799 yuan (~ 12.7 million dong).

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