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Xiaomi launches a versatile wireless inkjet printer: Supports photo printing from smartphones, priced at only 1.6 million VND

Xiaomi has just launched a new product on the Youpin crowdfunding platform, fully known as Mi Inkjet All-in-One Wireless Printer. Basically, this is a versatile wireless inkjet printer, expected to hit shelves on 11/6 with a retail price of 499 yuan (about 1.6 million).

Xiaomi’s new wireless inkjet printer has three different operating modes, including printing, copying and scanning. Although this is a wireless printer, it does support wired connection with other devices via USB.

As announced by the manufacturer, the Mi wireless inkjet printer uses imported high quality and odorless ink. With each cartridge filled, users can print about 480 pages in black and white and about 150 pages in color.

In addition, Xiaomi also said that this printer also supports copying and scanning documents in two modes – color scan and black-and-white scan, with greater accuracy than handwriting. After scanning, users can store the captured image file into a smartphone extremely easily by the application.

Xiaomi launches a versatile wireless inkjet printer Supports photo printing from smartphones priced at only 1 6 million VND | Digital toys

The wireless Mi multifunction inkjet printer has an intuitive and easy to use control panel. When connecting for the first time to the computer, the driver will automatically be installed without the user having to perform any other operations.

Notably, the device also supports printing photos and documents from smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems. As for replacement cartridges, Xiaomi says that both black and white inks and color inks have a retail price of 69 yuan (about 225,000 dong).

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