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Xiaomi launches a smart safe: Anti-drill steel, unlocked in 6 ways, priced at 2.2 million

Xiaomi has just launched a new product in the form of crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall, called MIJIA Smart Safe Deposit Box. Basically, this is a smart safe, manufactured by sub-brand MIJIA, with a retail price of 649 yuan (about 2.2 million).

According to the manufacturer, MIJIA smart safe is made of high-strength material, in which the locking and locking bolts are integrated with 65Mn drilling-resistant steel plates. This material is often used in products that require high strength such as ships and bridges, has excellent drilling resistance and ensures safety of safes.

As a smart safe, users can unlock MIJIA safe in 6 different ways. Specifically, it supports fingerprint unlock, password, temporary password, bluetooth, key and 2-time verification to unlock. Xiaomi says the fingerprint sensor of the safe is highly sensitive and accurate to 97.44%.

Xiaomi launches a smart safe Anti drill steel unlocked in 6 ways priced at 2 2 million | Digital toys

MIJIA smart safe uses a lock cylinder that plugs straight through the lock body. Even if the screen is badly damaged, the inner locking post can keep items safe in the safe.

This safe supports virtual 20-digit passwords. You can divide the virtual password into two parts, then enter the real password in the middle to reduce the case of theft, and protect the real password more effectively. In particular, users can also provide a remote one-time password to unlock the safe, through the MIJIA app.

Xiaomi launches a smart safe Anti drill steel unlocked in 6 ways priced at 2 2 million | Digital toys

More importantly, in the event that a fraudster “fumbles” the password by a dry method, the safe will automatically save fingerprints and send notifications directly to the user’s phone. MIJIA Smart Safe uses 4 AA batteries, can provide up to 1 year of battery life and supports emergency charging via USB Type-C port.

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