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Xiaomi issued a corona virus combo ‘defense’ to employees on the first working day

Yesterday (10/2), Xiaomi employees finally returned to work, after spending a long vacation in their homeland due to the crisis from the Corona virus pandemic. As a safety measure, all employees in the company are given masks and hand sanitizer to prevent disease caused by Corona virus.

It is known that Xiaomi is one of the few technology companies to return to work yesterday (February 10). Recently, Xiaomi product manager Wang Teng revealed a bit of information about the company’s decision, as well as the distribution of medical protective equipment to employees.

In an article posted on his personal Weibo page, Mr. Teng said that every Xiaomi employee was lucky with a set of protective equipment on the first day of work, including a few medical masks, disinfectant spray and dry hand wash.

Xiaomi issued a corona virus combo defense to employees on the first working day | ICT News

In addition, the general manager of Redmi – Mr. Lu Weibing, did not forget to remind people to pay attention to their own safety in this sensitive time, through an article posted on Weibo: “Everyone, have you returned to work today? Remember to keep an eye out for your own safety”.

Xiaomi issued a corona virus combo defense to employees on the first working day | ICT News

Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s co-founder Lei Jun republished the article by Wang Teng and Lu Weibing, along with a question for its fans: “We all use masks to prevent disease. Do you know these people? If possible, use N95 masks to prevent Corona virus!”

According to the latest report, up to 73% of mask manufacturing companies in China have started returning to work after the holidays. Currently, the supply of masks in this country has also stabilized and users can order right on the online sales website.

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