X-MEN: X OF SWORDS: Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return?

Like DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL, we have put together what you need to know about X-MEN: X OF SWORDS, the largest X-MEN event this year, revolves around En Sabah Nur’s first Four Horsemen Apocalypse – the one who now only wants to be called –Ai–, is the first character in the alphabet of the mutant country Krakoa.

1. What is the name of the X-MEN: X OF SWORDS event?

Just like last year’s POWERS OF X series read as POWERS OF TEN, X OF SWORDS will be read as TEN OF SWORDS & inspired by the tarot card of the same name foreshadowing an awful event coming …

The mutants will use 10 swords in the Marvel universe to fight 1 mysterious enemy. Do you recognize what those swords are?

2. Overview & abridged story of X-MEN: X OF SWORDS

X OF SWORDS is an event revolving around 10 mutants using 10 swords in the Marvel universe to fight a mysterious danger.

3. What is the role of WWII and First Horsemen in X-MEN: What is X OF SWORDS?

X MEN X OF SWORDS Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return | Manga/Film

En Sabah Nur used magic to seal Arakko to the outside world, and had First Horsemen guard the island ever since.

Many years ago, – Ai – and the first Four Horsemen (First Horsemen) stood up against the army of demons that divided Okkara Island into two parts Arakko & Krakoa (the current country of abnormalities). multiply). After that, she – sealed Arakko territory to the outside world & sent First Horsemen to guard the island ever since. –Wait– regretted this decision, and that’s why the quartet might return.

4. Who is High Summoner & what is the role of X-MEN: X OF SWORDS?

The High Summoner (the white man on the far left) is the son of War, one of the First Horsemen. First appearing in X-MEN # 2, High Summoner has the ability to control the demons that used to attack Arakko against his enemies.

X MEN X OF SWORDS Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return | Manga/Film

The High Summoner lives on Arak Coral, a part of Arakko that contains the Arak Maw volcano, the gate leading to Arakko land that was sealed away in the past. Arak Coral then merged with Krakoa. According to information from Marvel, an event related to the High Summoner is The Summoning will occur in the upcoming X-MEN # 12 story.

5. What are the dangers facing X-Men in X OF SWORDS?

Most likely this mysterious enemy is the leader of the demon army that appeared in POWERS OF X. Possessing a sword called “twilight sword” (not Surtur), he has split the world in two, leading to the division of Okkara Island into Arakko & Krakoa, the mutant country today.

X MEN X OF SWORDS Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return | Manga/Film

The “twilight sword” splits the world in two, resulting in the division of the island of Okkara into Arakko & Krakoa.

6. X-Men swords can appear in X OF SWORDS

Professor X’s Cerebro Sword was created by Magneto, Khopesh’s sword – She – in the battle on Okkara, Muramasa Blade of Wolverine, Prestige’s Phoenix Blade (Rachel Summers), Magik’s Soulsword, Kid’s new sword Cable (temporarily called the Spaceknight sword) and possibly Captain Britain Braddock’s Sword of Might, the only character not one of these mutants.

X MEN X OF SWORDS Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return | Manga/Film

Magneto creates a sword from Professor X’s Cerebro hat.

Other swords that are rumored to return are the Grasscutter swords (the first owner is the Japanese god Amatsu-Mikaboshi) and Godkiller (the first owner is the Greek god Zeus), although they have been broken before. there. You may not know, Grasscutter is the English name of Kusanagi, which is the legendary Thao The Sword.

X MEN X OF SWORDS Will the champions of the Marvel Universe return | Manga/Film

The excellent sword and sword Thao The Chi Guom will probably have a chance to return in this event.

7. What will the X-MEN: X OF SWORDS events include?

X OF SWORDS will include the following 15 volumes: X OF SWORDS: CREATION, X OF SWORDS: STATIS, X OF SWORDS: DESTRUCTION, X-MEN # 12-14, EXCALIBUR # 12-14, MARAUDERS # 13, X- FORCE # 13, NEW MUTANTS # 13, WOLVERINE # 6, CABLE # 5, HELLIONS # 5, X-FACTOR # 4 & will end with the mysterious storybook X OF SWORDS: TBD.

For more information about the comics world, you can read it at the fanpage Assembly Hall Marvel & DC.

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