Writer The Witcher claims to exploit the little-known detail that the series has forgotten: Geralt is disabled

Immediately after its first season airing at the end of 2019, The Witcher quickly created a terrible fever around the world and became Netflix’s “new golden egg”. The best-selling of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher has opened up a vast, mysterious but equally fascinating fantasy world.

Referring to the resounding success of The Witcher season 1, it is impossible not to mention Henry Cavill, who played the role of the monster hunter Geralt so perfectly, undeniably. Not only possessing a professional acting ability, the actor also has a great passion for the witcher universe in particular and the fantasy genre in general. This has helped him to understand more, have a deeper view of the character he is showing. Personally Writer Sapkowski also had to recognize Cavill as a perfect Geralt that no one else can replaceLike how Viggo Mortensen made Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings) so classy on the big screen.

Henry Cavill created a Geralt from the novel, greatly contributing to the success of The Witcher season 1.

Audience first impressions of Henry Cavill’s Geralt are very good, and of course they wish Netflix could maintain that performance in the following seasons. To do that, they need to stick to the original as much as possible instead of creating too many new characters and personalities for the character. And one of the factors that fans are looking forward to is an image of Geralt becoming “disabled” – details that even in the popular CD Projekt RED series of games of the same name have completely forgotten.

Over the past few days, fans of the witcher have posted on Twitter 1 pretty long article with content: “Geralt of Rivia and the importance of the handicapped protagonists“- an obvious fact that surprised a lot of people, even to hard fans of the series. Screenwriter / showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich herself admits it would be a big mistake if the Netflix series ignored this, and she would certainly consider making it possible to make it to the small screen.

That article kept haunting me. I have studied the witcher novels many times already. But with such details, I often don’t dig deep, but simply think: “Geralt is wounded”, that’s all. Maybe I was wrong. I am very excited about this new aspect. It will help build more layers of meaning into our hero image“.

Writer The Witcher claims to exploit the little known detail that the series has forgotten Geralt is disabled | Live

Screenwriter Lauren S. Hissrich (right) claims to consider bringing details of Geralt “disabled” into the television version.

Specifically, in the fan’s Twitter post it says: Geralt of Rivia is a disabled hero. This detail is always astounding, even to fans of the series. But it is the truth. Only, we are all too familiar with the image of Geralt that CD Projekt RED creates – a thorny monster hunter with a strong, agile body. They do not realize that this studio has completely removed that “disabled” detail.

It’s just a bit of a physical limitation, it’s not a big deal“- you may think so, but the exact opposite: This detail is extremely important is the other side. Geralt becomes disabled at the end of the Time of Contempt booklet after suffering a dreadful trauma that completely destroyed his elbow and thigh. The trauma was so horrible that our hunter, who was already used to physical pain, kept screaming in despair, even delirious, until the help of the Dryads. support.

Fans who have read Sapkowski’s novels may argue: “Geralt has been healed by the divine water in the Brokilon forest“They are not wrong. But this kind of water did not remove, or reduce his” handicap “. On the contrary, after recovering, Geralt found him having many difficulties in a number of things that he could have easily done before. Since the Time of Contempt, he has been complaining about pain in his sword arm (especially his elbow) and his legs (especially his knees and sometimes hips). .

Writer The Witcher claims to exploit the little known detail that the series has forgotten Geralt is disabled | Live

The strong, supple Geralt image created by the game studio CD Projekt RED has made many fans forget that our witcher has a lot of physical limitations after suffering a very serious injury.

That seemingly deadly injury had a permanent effect on Geralt’s gait, with the severity depending on the weather conditions. He feels very uncomfortable when he has to ride continuously for a long time. Or when he was resting, he was forced to stand up and stretch because his knee suddenly tightened. Sometimes, the pain was so bad that he had to throw away his sword because he could not bear its weight. In addition, he is also unable to fight in the purely Wolf-style style (with a lot of spinning dance moves) because of his hips and knees.

So why is this detail so important? This is because it helps Geralt, or the main characters in general, in the fantasy genre, become more in depth with more layers of meaning. When it comes to Geralt of Rivia, we often think of a man who is exceptionally healthy – a perfect role model in many fiction, instead of a character with joint problems and a god. business. Must be perfect, strong enough to deserve the title of a monster hunter, and be strong enough to perform such risky missions.

But when Geralt becomes “crippled”, we never find him stuck or giving up. He did not let his pain beat him, but they got used to it and adapted to it.

Writer The Witcher claims to exploit the little known detail that the series has forgotten Geralt is disabled | Live

In the witcher universe, no character is perfect, not even the main character like Geralt of Rivia, and fans need to see it on the small screen.

In the first eight episodes of The Witcher, Geralt’s version of Henry Cavill is somewhat different from the original novel. He became more taciturn, less talkative with a somewhat muscular and muscular body. However, according to the writer Hissrich’s share above, there is no exception to the possibility that we will see an even more different image of Geralt in the coming seasons – 1 Geralt struggles with great physical pain. but still retain his strength and resilience.

As far as the idea is concerned, when will Geralt “die but not ruined” will appear on the small screen is a completely different problem. The Witcher was forced to postpone filming for season 2 indefinitely after 4 members of the crew contracted Covid-19.. This is the second time production of the series has been interrupted due to the epidemic, and Netflix cannot be sure when it will be able to continue its work. Therefore, it is unlikely that the next season will air in late 2021 as originally planned.

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