Wrist injury – A nightmare for professional eSports players

Wrist injury is a story that is no stranger to professional eSports. At first, minor aches and pains appeared. But if not detected and treated early will turn into throbbing, bitter to insomnia. Patients have to resort to pain medication, physiotherapy or even minor surgery. At a certain point, the hand won’t be as flexible as it used to be.

For normal people, when a wrist injury just stops playing games for a few months, it will recover. However, if you are a professional gamer, it will be extremely bad when the performance and training performance decreases and there is a risk of early retirement.

Young Hai retired from an early career due to a wrist injury. Photo: Dot Esports

The original Vietnamese player of Fly Quest Hai “Hai” team Du Lam is the typical victim of this disease. He had to bid farewell to the team and halt activities for a long time in front of the fans’ shock. Hai’s injury was so severe that he could not hold the mouse for more than 15 minutes.

Wrist injury and cause

There are many types of wrist injuries, but the most unique feature in eSports is the wrist tunnel syndrome (CTS). This is a common disease in people who have a habit of continuous manual operation but maintain a fixed position for a long time.

While not life-threatening, long-term carpal tunnel injuries can lead to deformities caused by nerve and blood vessel damage. If subjective in the treatment can cause nerve damage, female atrophy, especially can lead to permanent muscle atrophy.

There are two main reasons why eSports players have higher wrist injuries than regular people.

Firstly, eSports players often have to train with high intensity for a period of 10-12 hours per day and repeat continuously. The movement of the mouse over a long period of time caused small injuries to build up.

Wrist injury A nightmare for professional eSports players | Internet

Uzi is also a victim when he plays games too much.

The second cause of wrist injuries is due to spending too much time practicing and ignoring outdoor sports activities. This inadvertently leads to obesity, overweight. Most of the top eSports teams in the world have recognized this problem and are working to fix it. However, not all organizations have sufficient financial resources to address issues outside their expertise.

Is there a solution?

Currently, the best solution given by experts is to give a break to recover the injury for a certain period of time (minimum 1.5 years).

For professional gamers, this is almost impossible when the competition in eSports tournaments is extremely fierce. Rest for almost 2 years means getting rid of. If this is the case, the risk of career termination is almost certain.

Wrist injury A nightmare for professional eSports players | Internet

There are several temporary remedies.

Therefore, gamers often use temporary solutions such as braces, change the form of the mouse or perform exercises to support blood circulation for the wrist area.

Is the potential health risk enough to drag gamers away from the temptation of money and fame?

Knowing that the professional age of professional gamers is usually very short, but regardless of the risk of injury to play, the person who will suffer the consequences for the rest of his life will be them.

In the Dota 2 arena, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, the former player of the Evil Geniuses, had almost retired from his career permanently due to a hand injury problem. He said he had been injured since 2015. However, because of the championship at The International 5, the passion of fire in his heart was inspiring to dedicate, show and win the Aegis shield again. So Fear went into training again, ignoring her very serious injury.

Any sport has the potential to be deadly, not just eSports. Athletes should think about both their career and the future instead of temporary glory.

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