Worrying record: The Arctic this week is as hot as 30 degrees Celsius

Asserting once again: this week the temperature in the Arctic Circle reaches the threshold of 26 degrees Celsius.

In Siberia, which is famous for its bone-chilling cold, locals witness temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius. The Arctic sea ice in the Kara Sea region witnesses a rare amount of low ice, sometimes temperatures rise. make people forget the annual cold and worry about the hot time ahead.

Worrying record The Arctic this week is as hot as 30 degrees Celsius | Explore

Western Siberia region hot spots.

Mika Rantanen, a researcher from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, marked the map of unusually hot areas in Western Siberia. Last week, the region suffered a massive heat wave, which could cool down slightly in the middle of next week but the heat will still spread throughout the region in the near future.

In a message to Gizmodo, Mr. Rantanen said the main reason for the heat generation was the “upper-level ridge”, roughly translated as the “upper range,” a large omega-shaped pressure system that makes the sky blue and creates activity. Air suction in the area. “However, I think more should be said about this place going through one record warm winter. So I believe the lack of snow in the region plays a role in the sudden warming”.

This weather indicates that forest fires continue to spread. Pierre Markuse, an expert in satellite data monitoring, is keeping an eye out for a series of strange wildfires in the area above the Arctic Circle, which is famous for snow and ice, not hot fire. Most of the fires recorded by Markuse were in Eastern Siberia. Looking at the fire right beside the river and the snow and ice, we see the image of the Earth during the climate change period.

Worrying record The Arctic this week is as hot as 30 degrees Celsius | Explore

Then there is the impact of climate on the ocean. Warmth spread across the water close to the coast, and the Kara Sea in northern Russia witnessed alarming low ice. Previously, the June heat only caused the ice to melt, but clearly everything was different.

Ice in many areas around the Arctic also significantly improved. Despite failing to reach record levels such as the Kara Sea, the Bering Sea and the Barents Sea all had lower ice levels than the same period last year.

Worrying record The Arctic this week is as hot as 30 degrees Celsius | Explore

This year, the ice in the Kara Sea thawed earlier than in previous years.

These frighteningly high temperature figures are once again showing the trend of global warming due to climate change. The Arctic raises temperatures twice as fast as other regions on Earth, and the events that are happening in recent years are all something we can predict a little bit, but do little to stop them from happening. out. With each passing year, another sad record appears, continuing to be the warnings every time.

But do not say no, because if not cut emissions, then the future will soon vanish in the heat of horror.

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