Working well with good people – Dreams are not far away for a new generation of talent

In the context of the recruitment market is setting more and more criteria and especially requiring candidates with 1-2 years of experience, the young graduating class is also gradually becoming more aware of the importance of the internship process. , with the core of being “doing well, with good people”.

VC’s Next Gen – A place where good people are willing to help the next generation do a good job

In order to inherit and promote strong elite values, at the same time create opportunities for talented young generation to be exposed to a truly intensive training program, helping to develop themselves, Industry as well as leadership enhancement – VCCorp has officially launched a program of recruiting trainees named VC’s Next Gen – Finding talented students to be future leaders.

As a pioneer in the digital content and technology development market, VCCorp is proud to bring to the young generation of the country a worthy development environment, helping participating candidates explore all by themselves. potential itself, from which to perfect development and reap success. At VCCorp, there are no barriers to knowledge, when all teams are like-minded, visionary and passionate.

Working well with good people Dreams are not far away for a new generation of talent | GameK

At VCCorp, from the leaders, leaders to staff, always uphold the culture of “Advance of belief”, characterized by a willingness to “empower” the young generation. Right at the time of joining, all new personnel will be facilitated by VCCorp to best develop themselves. In many cases, the trainee has just left the university chair after 4 months, fully participating in the training process and “on job” has become an official employee at the Company.

Typically, Le Van Truong, though less than 25 years old, has become a Technical Leader in Team Platform – VCCorp. Starting as an intern in the Big Data segment in 2017, with good internship results during the past 4 months, the University was accepted as a full-time employee and participated in building engines for advertising systems. by Admicro.

In order to improve self-knowledge as well as increase communication ability in groups, the University pays great attention to learning from colleagues with many years of expert experience. It is also thanks to the non-stop struggle and the spirit of “not afraid to ask” that helped the young man reach the current Lead team position.

Working well with good people Dreams are not far away for a new generation of talent | GameK

Mr. Le Van Truong (1996) Leader technical – Team Platform.

Another commendable case is Nguyen Thi My Anh – currently holding the position of Account Manager in Ho Chi Minh City branch. At the end of the MBA program at the school, My Anh started her trainee role at VCCorp as an Executive Assistant. After 4 months of practice with impressive results, the Leader team then directly proposed to My Anh a completely new role – Account Executive.

“I joined the veterans at VCCorp through many big campaigns, serving most of the strategic brands in Ho Chi Minh City such as Samsung, Unilever … I myself also have a small achievement. It is proud to break a record of operating sales for Content products in the first year working in a new role “- My Anh shared.

Loved and trusted by his colleagues, after nearly 3 years of working, My Anh was proposed to take the position of Account Manager of the Strategic Client group, building a team of hard-working personnel to specialize in serving. campaigns from small to large, for many large VCCorp’s partners in the Southern market.

Working well with good people Dreams are not far away for a new generation of talent | GameK

Nguyen Thi My Anh – Account Manager HCM.

With the statement “Innovation NonStop – Creation ceaselessly for the community”, VCCorp promises to be the perfect destination for young people with a passion for technology and communication, who want to fully exploit their full potential as well as Comprehensive development of management skills. That is also the main factor that makes the attraction for VC’s Next Gen recruitment program – Search for talented students to be future leaders.

Coming to the program, the young generation, including newly graduated students, newcomers who are working or looking to turn direction of development, will have access to attractive remuneration mechanisms leading in the recruitment market, typically such as :

● Practice with high-paying and well-instructed job assignments

● Access to a rewarding and in-depth training process, directly communicating with the top professional staff in Vietnam.

● Fostering from student to expert after 2 – 4 months of internship

● Opportunity to quickly promote management if qualitative and competency conditions are met

● Directly participating in international media campaigns, fighting with big budgets

Working well with good people Dreams are not far away for a new generation of talent | GameK

VC’s Next Gen – Searching for Talented Students as Future Leaders will officially open an application from February 10, 2020. Today, young people who want to develop their careers in fields including: Marketing and Journalism, Design, Game Operations, Engineering Technology, Human Resources and Content Creation can access the website https: // to apply.

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