Wonder Woman 1984: The villains may appear in the sequel

With Patty Jenkins returning as director of Wonder Woman 3, this can also be seen as the opening door for a series of potential new villains. Diana battled some of her iconic villains in the first two Wonder Woman movies, including Ares, Doctor Poison, Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. This will cause Wonder Woman to face a number of other villains in the new chapter of her series, including the following.


Of all the remaining Wonder Woman core villains, Circe is likely to be the most meaningful. As an immortal witch endowed with immense power by the Goddess Hecate, Circe will use her powers for selfish purposes.

Her origins change depending on the plot; however, in “Crisis”, Circe is partially responsible for the wars against the Amazons by staging the death of Antiope, Hippolyta’s sister.

Every Wonder Woman film to date has shown how the gods influenced human history, and Circe will be tied to the origins of the Amazons, bringing Diana back to the myths of Greek mythology. inspiration for Wonder Woman. Also, thanks to her immense magic, Circe is also able to create additional villains for Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman 1984 The villains may appear in the sequel | Living

Giganta is one of Wonder Woman’s iconic villains that has yet to be explored on the film. Due to her personal experimentation or a failed series of body swaps, Doris Zuel gains the power that can grow exponentially large body, so she becomes a super powerful person.

Giganta is somewhat like Cheetah, which is likely to be a tragic villain. Her initial motivation stems from saving herself from a fatal illness, which may make her more empathetic.


Wonder Woman 1984 The villains may appear in the sequel | Living

Another figure in Greek mythology, Medusa is a god who can turn people to stone with just one glance. In the original comics, Circe revived Medusa after she was beheaded by the hero Perseus.

Medusa could serve as a great henchman for Circe, if she were the villain who appeared in the movie. However, given Medusa’s tragic origins – cursed by Athena for her relationship with Poseidon, it’s likely Wonder Woman will show her mercy, just as she did with the villains in the series. movie just released.


Wonder Woman 1984 The villains may appear in the sequel | Living

Genocide can be considered the weapon of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, an organization created by an alternate reality version of Lex Luthor to destroy Wonder Woman.

Barbara Minerva and TO Morrow collect the land where mass genocides occurred in the last century, and they travel to the future, picking up Wonder Woman’s corpse while using dark magic to revive it.

Genocide is essentially Wonder Woman’s Apocalypse, acting as a relentless source of power. This villain’s simple origins also allow it to ideally fit any villain’s plot, including by Circe or Minerva, if she returns in the third film.

Doctor Psycho

Wonder Woman 1984 The villains may appear in the sequel | Living

Doctor Psycho, one of the classic villains of Wonder Woman. This is a villain with fierce antagonism to the “feminist symbol” Wonder Woman, and maybe this villain will appear in Wonder Woman 1984. Doctor Psycho is a small, but possessive man. The terrifying function is manipulating other people’s thoughts. Therefore, he often manipulates the evil people stronger to serve his schemes.

One of Wonder Woman’s original antagonists, Doctor Psycho, is a deviant man with an oversized head. The study of psionics will give him the power to control the minds of those around him and create palpable illusions, a power that makes him a valuable “asset” for Villains like Circe and Lex Luthor.

Veronica Cale

Wonder Woman 1984 The villains may appear in the sequel | Living

Cale is a wealthy businesswoman who always resents Diana and often uses her relationships and money to cause trouble for Wonder Woman to bring her down. When creating the character Veronica Cale for a Wonder Woman storyline in 2003, author Greg Rucka aspired to create a “female Lex Luthor” to oppose Diana Prince. Veronica Cale is a very special enemy of Wonder Woman when she only focuses on ruining the image of the heroine in the public eye.

Veronica Cale vs Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor versus Superman. A wealthy businesswoman but pushed back by Themyscira’s idea of ​​Diana, Cale used her enormous resources to sabotage Amazon. Cale is responsible for sending Minerva on the expedition and will make her a Cheetah. Cale will pose another human threat to Wonder Woman. While Cale may be slightly reminiscent of Maxwell Lord to act as the next villain, her financial resources may allow her to pick up another villain.

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