Without the need for air conditioning, the ceiling of this restaurant can move in a wavy style to cool the customers

In today’s hot weather, air conditioners seem to have become the only thing that exists, whether or not others are important. For public play venues, especially restaurants or cafes, air conditioning is even more necessary, as a prerequisite to attract customers amid the scorching heat of summer.

However, saying that does not mean that outdoor locations, or places without air conditioning, will be in a dire situation. With only a little knowledge of architecture, they can completely cool their store space easily. For example, a coastal Barbouni restaurant at Costa Navarino in Greece below: With the ceiling designed in a unique wavy style, they easily dispelled the hot heat for the outdoor space to bring. The best experience for customers coming to dine.

The Barbouni restaurant in Greece designed the ceiling to move like a wave to cool the outside without air conditioning.

This is the work of K-Studio, a design company in Greece, with two main goals: To create a fancy scene but very pleasant as if animated, while calming the atmosphere. Hot outdoors. With layers of virtual waves constantly moving right above the customer’s head, the air will be better circulated, while also creating more shade without bringing the sense of tightness, crampedness of spaces. private.

In addition, the gaps between the “waves” also allow the sun to penetrate easily but not so severely, providing enough light for the space below during the time of day. This makes this ceiling layer transformed into a huge natural air conditioner, without the need for fans or electric lights, but still helps customers have the most complete relaxing moments.

The ceiling of Barbouni restaurant will follow the sea breeze and cool the space below.

Dimitris Karampatakis, co-founder of K-Studio, said that every detail of the design of Barbouni restaurant must always be environmentally friendly and minimize negative impacts on the creatures in the surrounding area, especially is a local Caretta caretta sea turtle. He said: “Customers love Barbouni the same way they love rhythmic ocean waves – the inspiration for us to create a constantly moving ceiling design”.

Dimitris continued to share about the unique design he and his colleagues made at Barbouni: “We want to create something light, not too serious for the environment, but also flexible and dynamic. The entire design of this restaurant is like a customizable, changeable architecture block, allowing us to easily edit over time to avoid impact on the natural environment.”.

The team of designers at K-Studio even intentionally applied the style of stilt design for Barbouni restaurant. Accordingly, the floor will be higher than the coastal beach thanks to the solid pillar system, creating a space below for sea turtles to rest and lay eggs. Dimitris said: “Last year, many sea turtles laid eggs right next to the Barbouni restaurant. It was a success beyond our expectation”.

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