Without making these mistakes, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will be a real top blockbuster

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem It would be more interesting if it didn’t have too many errors and poor feedback. This action role-playing game has been in early access on Steam for four years, but the recent release of the full version makes me wish that the developer could wait another 6 months. The occasional jerky can be skipped, but bugs, broken images, and sluggish feedback during battle stages are killing the enjoyment of a game that should have been interesting. .

When Wolcen called for funding on Kickstarter in 2015, they promised to bring a new breakthrough to the genre. Players are said to be exploring a devastated large world with lots of treasures to explore. It is also said to have custom home mode and mini-game fabrication. None of that appears in Wolcen right now. Instead, what can be seen after a few hours of experience, this is a basic ARPG game that delves into the character development process with high-speed combat screens.

Without making these mistakes Wolcen Lords of Mayhem will be a real top blockbuster | PC/Console

It is not necessarily a bad thing. Even if Wolcen is not a breakthrough as we are promised. But this category has very few options that I can feel better about – going through endless dungeons with tombs and deserts, constantly clicking on monsters that explode and drop items. colorful. It’s exactly the same pattern of this genre based on Diablo 2 since the game was released, and even after decades my old brain is still filled with excitement every drop. legendary items.

The disappointing thing is that sometimes the errors of Wolcen will ruin your beautiful moments when playing games. Ever since I started playing, half of the time I had encountered the sound almost disappear until I switched to the new scene. It took me more than an hour to play the game when the server crashed and pushed me outside the main menu. I even had to dance the moonwalk all the time when my character kept facing away from the direction I was moving.

And more annoying than all of the above errors is that the game responds too slowly. When rearranging the inventory and picking items, some items won’t respond until I click on them multiple times. This is really tiring when you have no way to see the item’s specifications unless you pick it up – all are characters like “Sword” or “Armor”. I had to try to pick up all the items in case there would be something I needed but most of the items I picked up were just trash that I could throw away.

The battle scenes of Wolcen sometimes become chaotic due to lag and that will create lag in the player’s action. It would be less troublesome if this was a slow-paced action role-playing game, but Wolcen’s fighting style was built on frantic combat.

Without making these mistakes Wolcen Lords of Mayhem will be a real top blockbuster | PC/Console

For example, dodging attacks at the right time, the key to survival. Many basic enemies and all bosses will have a few special attacks that display a red influence area on the ground, giving the player a few seconds to stay away from the area. But there will be a delay from when you press the space button frantically until the characters in the game begin to truly evade. Using a health potion to heal a character also caused a similar delay that made me unjustly die twice twice as normal. I had expected it to have a responsive system like games like Dark Souls but what I felt was that it was too slow.

It was a really disappointing thing, because the skills in Wolcen are really quite strong and beautiful, I really enjoy creating a unique game through the levels. Unlike most ARPG titles, Wolcen does not have any classes and players can freely change the play style of the character through equipping skills and weapons. I started the game like a thief using a knife and now I’m a magician using guns.

Like Path of Exile, there will be a diverse passive skill tree and most can combine to shape the character. When using the skill, they will be leveled up and unlocked the modifications appropriate to its ability, such as creating a rain of arrows to damage fire or throw shuriken to stun the target. With my 4 skills, there will be a level of customization that makes the dungeon in Wolcen like a lab so I can experience my wild playing style. An incantation command will allow me to call out an electromagnetic gun that shoots in a straight line, the range will increase based on the time I charge, another spell will mark the enemy and destroy them like in Red Dead. Redemption 2, it’s hard to focus on a unique style of play because every time I find a new skill I have to try it.

Without making these mistakes Wolcen Lords of Mayhem will be a real top blockbuster | PC/Console

There are many interesting skills to use, some not. Part of me giving up being a bandit with a knife was because the melee attack in Wolcen was really annoying. The left mouse button is used for both character movement and auto-attack, and there’s no way to change that. Every time the enemy fills the screen – almost always it is – it’s hard to move around and you’ll attack whatever you click instead. Another problem when playing melee characters is that you have to use auto-attack to recover Rage, resources to use melee skills. But in contrast to the flashy and powerful skills, automatic attack with melee weapons is really very slow and the range is super short. Using it is not fun at all.

There are a few promising ideas for the game, but Wolcen is still not ready to leave Early Access. Even when there were no bugs, the menu was slow to respond, and sometimes combat scenes were slow, the campaign was still too linear, the conversations were silly and cluttered, the cutscenes were too hard. prompt and have poor graphics. I really think Wolcen doesn’t have any plot at all.

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