Without Faker, T1 only had a name left

To be precise, to the name associated with the best years, T1 have also given up. In fact, this team changed its name from SKT T1 to T1 at the beginning of the 2020 season has left a lot of regret for the fans.

In many respects, this brand transformation still brings a good effect, the current T1 “should make” with many more lucrative advertising contracts than in the SKT era, but from the perspective of a fan, part of the team’s identity has been lost under the old name, and part of the identity remains, of course Faker.

It is not too difficult to understand why the fan community is indignant at the way Faker had to sit on the bench, be replaced and then replaced in the middle of the match against DragonX. T1 fans can accept the reason that Faker was on the bench for the long term due to down form, due to health problems, but the move in the match against DRX from the team coaching side went overboard. term.

Faker’s stay in T1 was the result of the initiative from the team leadership. They are aware of Faker’s professional value and brand value, just enough to be determined to keep him from all other enticements. Leaving behind all the mysteries surrounding signatures and signatures, Faker is clearly a T1 living legend, an “untouchable” monument.

Without Faker T1 only had a name left | Esports

And the way T1 treated their legends during that match was terrible. Faker may not mind (just maybe, because we don’t know what he’s thinking), but in the eyes of fans, it’s a slap in a player’s self-esteem.

The friction between Faker and coach Kim began to speculate, when this teacher repeatedly gave interviews that implied blame for Faker: “I even scolded him to keep him motivated to continue playing.” As a result, Faker was put on the bench for the Playoffs match against Afreeca Freecs, was brought in after T1 was ahead, and then was put in the hands of Sett, which he had never played in the tournament. match.

But it seems that T1 finally realizes the problem, Faker may drop to form, may lose his spirit, but he is still the soul of the team, the link between the glorious past and reality. at thorns. Without Faker, T1 was just a fledgling team, lacking in bravery and easily stumbled, no matter how potential stars they possessed.

Without Faker T1 only had a name left | Esports

Faker is the owner of the purest “SKT bloodline”, and certainly the one who is willing to fight for it the most.

In the Regional Qualifier match, T1 easily crushed Afreeca Freecs with a score of 3-1, their 3 wins all had the same scenario: The whole team played too well, and operated the correct strategy. out. But in the only loss game, Faker was a rare bright spot in a game with too many mistakes.

What T1 needs is that. The biggest difference between a T1 with Faker and no Faker, is the fact that they easily surrender and lose their direction when falling into a disadvantage. Clozer is so big, Effort can step on Faker’s foot in the role of a real team call, but in the end those young players still lack what their senior possesses – the bravery and enthusiasm of one conquer.

Faker’s Galio in game 1 was the most damaging person in the game, Zoe in game 2 held hope for the entire team with precise combos, and Sylas in game 4 coldly launched showcases of skills to put an end to all the enemy’s will to fight. Although sometimes, Faker is the cause of T1 failure with the wrong personal situations, but those mistakes are also proof of the fact that: Faker has cast a shadow on professional League of Legends. long, let all his moves become the focus of glances.

Without Faker T1 only had a name left | Esports

T1 in the future may not be weaker without Faker, but the harsh reality shows that they are no longer the king of League of Legends, and later on, the team that won the Worlds 3 times will have to. advancing as a challenger, pursuing the glory of the past.

Faker is T1, T1 is Faker. In a simple and understandable way, tomorrow if Faker breaks up with T1, what this team loses is not only a huge fan base, but also the emperor identity that has been left from the SKT era. At that time, we will witness a completely new, potential and promising T1, but equally strange.

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