With the price of up to nearly 11.4 billion VND, what is special about the sheep that is more expensive than this Ferrari supercar?

According to The Guardian, this is a six-month-old ram named Double Diamond, born on a farm in Macclesfield in Cheshire, England. With these achievements, the Double Diamond sheep has been recognized as the world’s most expensive sheep by the Guinness Book of World Records.

When asked why the Double Diamond sheep is as expensive as a Ferrrari supercar, John Yates, executive director of the Texel Sheep Association explained: “For many, this is certainly a hefty price tag for a sheep. However, the Texel is the number one breed in the UK. It accounts for about 30% of all sheep born each year in Britain.”

Great appearance of the Double Diamond sheep

Normally, a sheep in the UK costs an average of £ 100, equivalent to about 3 million VND. However, the top quality sheep used for breeding have a much higher price tag. Specifically, the Texel sheep breed, which is named after the island off the coast of the Netherlands where they were born, is often ‘sought’ by livestock companies for its high quality wool and lean meat. In every auction, this breed is usually bid in the tens of thousands of dollars.

With Double Diamond alone, this sheep possesses a series of pluses about the appearance that all Texel sheep must dream of: a toned body, perfect head length and ‘rare-hard-to-find’ fur. In other words, this sheep is extremely “genetically perfect”.

Even, it is not too much to say that the Double Diamond sheep is like the “king” of the sheep world. This is why sheep breeders all over the UK want to own the Double Diamond, when the gene of this ram can breed many good boars, from there. thousands of other lambs.

With the price of up to nearly 11 4 billion VND what is special about the sheep that is more expensive than this Ferrari supercar | Explore

An ordinary sheep can only sell for 100 pounds, equivalent to 3 million VND

It was just like any other business – horse racing or cattle business. Occasionally something special appeared and yesterday, a very special Texel sheep appeared. Everyone wants to have it“Said Jeff Aiken – one of the three co-owners of the Double Diamond sheep.

The auction makes you feel more nervous than excited. We know this sheep is something really special. It is an outstanding animal, supported by all that is genetically best. There are about seven or eight people who really, really want it, causing the price to soar“, said Mr. Aiken.

It is known that after the auction, the Double Diamond sheep will be co-owned by three livestock companies, Auldhouseburn, Procters and New View. These companies plan to use the method of artificial insemination with the Double Diamond sheep to breed other premium sheep for many years to come.

Refer to The Guardian

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