With Shroud throwing Spellbreak, PUBG magic is extremely hot

As one of the most famous characters of the world shooter village, Shroud is always watched by many people every time he livestreams to play a new game. And the hottest name that has just been played by this million-dollar Streamer is Spellbreak, the game that just opened last weekend.

Dubbed the magical PUBG, Spellbreak will certainly bring a new wind to the gaming community. More worth mentioning, Spellbreak is being released 100% free on the Epic Games Store. Therefore, you do not need to pay any fees but can still experience and play this game comfortably.

Spellbreak is known as a survival game Battle Royale developed by Proletariat Games. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite or most recently Call of Duty: Warzone, Spellbreak was built in a fantasy magic world. Your mission must still be the last survivor, but instead of guns, bullets, what you pick up along the way will be magic secrets.

Spellbreak’s virtual world is full of magical elements, players will own gloves to control elemental magic, so there is a maximum of 2 lines to choose from. Not only that, power or skills are also determined by the character class. That is why, from the beginning, when choosing, you had to calculate the way you want to go.

Gamers will pick up tips as well as elements along the way including fire, ice, electricity, stone, wind, poison. All types of elements have different properties, for example fire causes great damage, the wind helps us to fly … The task of the gamer is to combine them together to create strength as well as special effects, counter other opponents.

To download and play the game completely free, you can access here.

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