With Note 10 Lite, Samsung will bring a luxury feature to mass consumers

In a crowded hotel room, under the soft ceiling light at CES 2020, Samsung did something so unusual. The world’s largest phone company announced a stripped-down version of its premium handset for professional consumers – the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Creating a cheap variant of a thousand-dollar device is not uncommon. Phone manufacturers are familiar with this tactic to attract consumers with limited money. What makes Samsung’s action unique is that it chose the Note 10, not another phone.

Since its first launch in 2011, the Galaxy Note has been the flagship of Samsung’s specs and performance, while the Galaxy S series is intended for a wider audience (if you’re I wonder if Samsung will also launch a Galaxy S10 Lite). The first-generation Note stands out because of its 5.3-inch screen and its stylus called the S-Pen, which allows you to select elements on the user interface, draw, and write on the screen. Despite the fact that it was ridiculously large at the time of launch, that first Galaxy Note kicked off the trend of large screen phones – or “phablets”.

Since then, Samsung has been taking care of Note phones, using them to test curved screen design styles that are now an indispensable element on high-end devices. the firm. In fact, every year, Samsung saves the most powerful configuration parameters possible – the biggest screen, the most advanced camera, and the largest battery and internal memory – for the Galaxy Note, which is recurring. was announced in August.

That’s why Samsung suddenly created a “Lite” Note that completely reversed the image the product line had built: a top-notch device from the Korean electronics company. When Samsung decided to make a cheaper, more basic Note, Samsung also indirectly “massaged” the “unique” feature that appeared from the early days of Note: a stylus.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, Note 10 Lite has a range of different features and looks, which can almost be considered an entirely new phone.

With Note 10 Lite Samsung will bring a luxury feature to mass consumers | Mobile

The phone still has a large screen (6.7-inch), but the resolution is much lower than the Note 1. And yet, the screen edges are “flat” instead of curved as before; The headphone jack, which did not exist on the Note 10, reappeared; and square rear camera cluster with 3 new sensors. The only thing in common between the Note 10 Lite and Note 10 is the stylus – and the good news is that this pen is as responsive and fully functional as the Note 10 Plus’s.

Samsung has not announced the price or launch date of the Note 10 Lite, but can guess this “lightweight” version will cost half the Note 10, which is currently selling for $ 950.

Regardless of the final price, a cheap Note opens the door for Samsung to bring the S-Pen to a whole different group of buyers – buyers who are often very price conscious and interested in. ability to write flexible drawing on the screen. Introducing the Note to this new consumer audience brings two main benefits.

First, it will help strengthen Samsung’s leadership – the world’s leading smartphone brand – by engulfing the market with a range of phones at all price points. For example, there are currently three Galaxy Note models and five Galaxy S10 models (5G, Plus, regular S10, S10E, S10 Lite).

The second advantage of a cheap Note 10 lies in its strategic properties. Samsung often says that Note users are the most loyal users, and they are more likely to buy future Note generations than any other model from any other brand. If Samsung can attract a new group of users to the Note line, its future sales could be guaranteed, and perhaps the company has the opportunity to lure “Note 10 Lite” users to life. Note versions are more expensive in the future.

With Note 10 Lite, Samsung seems to have created a “magic portal”, opening a sustainable future for the Note series. But the real effect is, only time – and later sales – will tell us for sure.

Reference: CNET

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