With just one impromptu line, ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. completely changed the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. It’s a really big gamble for Marvel Studios when they started working on Iron Man, and beyond that, the MCU, more than a decade ago. At present, although Robert has certain achievements in the field of cinema, his relatively complicated past makes many producers hesitate and avoid.

But after all, with his talent and inherent humor, the actor helped Iron Man bring in nearly $ 600 million in box office revenue and put the name Marvel Studios on the world cinema map. This great success has helped them catch the eye of Disney, so that MCU has a chance to develop more thanks to the abundant investment costs and the diverse and quality staff to be able to “balance”. 2, 3 blockbusters in the same year. As for Robert Downey Jr., he became an irreplaceable Iron Man in the hearts of the audience and left too much regret after the tragic ending in Avengers: Endgame.

MCU has such great success today, it is impossible not to mention the great merits of “Tony Stark” Robert Downey Jr.

However, what Robert did is even bigger, because his self-acting ability completely changed the nature of the MCU in particular and the superhero movie line in general. With just one line “I am Iron Man“(I am Iron Man), the actor has helped future Marvel works go in a new direction, but no longer go into the trails of films of previous decades.

Specifically, at the end of Iron Man (2008), Tony Stark suddenly admitted to the press and media that he was Iron Man. This brief but dramatic line is repeated in the end of Iron Man 3, after Tony ditched his arc reactor. And as we all remember, before he did the infinity snap in Avengers: Endgame, he continued repeating this classic line. That is also considered Tony’s last word before his departure. If the moment “I am Iron Man“In Endgame added to the script by Marvel Studios at the last minute, it was the first time that it was entirely Robert’s self-acting.

3 scenes “I am Iron Man” that Robert Downey Jr. created in the MCU, where for the first time was his self-acting moment.

The original end of Iron Man 1 has never been clearly revealed, because Marvel decided to keep Robert’s impromptu lines for the official release. And so the MCU officially entered a new era, where superheroes are no longer too concerned about hiding their identity and true identity. This is one of the characteristic features of this genre, especially in comics or in previous films and television works.

Iron Man and the MCU came out at just the same time that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was gaining popularity, and the Spider-Man trilogy was just over. But unlike Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, Marvel’s Tony Stark does not need to worry about the public discovering or exposing his true identity. By acknowledging himself as Iron Man, he has relieved a burden on himself, at the same time opening up a new direction of development for future superhero films.

When Thor went to the big screen in 2011 and appeared in Avengers (2012), Marvel also quickly let this character be free of his true identity. Meanwhile, with the original comic book, every time he comes across the Earth to visit, Thor will disguise himself as a normal person called Donald Blake. T’Challa also declared himself Black Panther when it first appeared in the MCU. Although Spider-Man tried to hide it, he ended up being revealed by Mysterio in front of the public at the end of Far From Home. This may be a bold decision, but not surprisingly, Marvel for its blockbusters, all thanks to the premise that Iron Man created in the first movie.

With just one impromptu line Iron Man Robert Downey Jr completely changed the MCU | Living

The self-written line “I am Iron Man” has helped the MCU develop in a completely new direction compared to comic books and many other superhero movies.

Besides, the autobiographical lines of Robert Downey Jr. also affects both thinking and exploiting content of Marvel Studios later. Chairman Kevin Feige once affirmed the moment “I am Iron Man“First sparked him and his colleagues to be more creative, dare to change many details compared to the original. The novel approach, taking details in comics but improving many segments has played a huge role in the success of the MCU over the years. Although many stubborn fans have repeatedly criticized this, Marvel Studios shows that they are still doing very well in building the character image and developing a common story for their entire universe.

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