With an impressive spurt at the WeChoice Awards 2020, Nam Blue revealed the true power behind

Only one more day, WeChoice Awards 2020 The nomination period will end. Up to this point, the show has witnessed many spectacular chases for individual votes. Among them, the appearance of streamer Nam Blue left a great impression because within 48 hours of being named in the nomination list, he “surpassed” SofM and ADC, rise to the top 1 and maintain the ranking in the Gamers / Streamer category of the year WeChoice Awards 2020.

Nam Blue’s real name is Phan Thanh Nam, a familiar name Truy Khuc Viet, and also the top 1 streamer of PUBG Mobile Vietnam, currently a Facebook Gaming streamer with quite a large following on Facebook. At the time of 2016 – 2017, Nam Blue has set a record for the number of people watching a livestream with more than 15,000 people watching at once. In 2018 Nam Blue switched to PUBG Mobile. With the humor and talent of an “assassin” in the game, Nam Blue currently holds the top 1 position in the list of streamers of this game, each of his livestreams attracts hundreds of thousands of views, though Neither going up from a pro gamer career nor having a backing behind.

The honest guy: “The past 2020 can be considered a successful year for myself, I have a record for the number of live viewers on Facebook Gaming platform, the number of fans the most in FB Gaming Vietnam market with more than 3000. People, reaction in a live session reached over 200,000 times.

My best achievement is probably the record number of 137.3 CCV (number of viewers at the same time) on FB Gaming platform. For streamers like me, CCV is one of the most important things, the higher the number, the more attention and support of the audience will be shown, as well as the attractiveness of the live.

Besides, I also own an academy with 15 members who are very solidarity and hard working at FB Gaming ”.

With an impressive spurt at the WeChoice Awards 2020 Nam Blue revealed the true power behind | GameK

Looking at that record is enough to understand, the support from a strong and loyal fan base is huge, so the number of votes with the outstanding number of this male streamer is completely understandable: “Actually, my biggest feeling was that it was very surprising that my name was in the Gamers / Streamer category of the year. Before that, after the nomination period took place more than a week, I did not know that.

I think that the factor accounting for 99% that helped me temporarily lead the number of votes is because I have a solid and quality community, they are my big family. The other 1% is probably lucky ”.

Besides that pride, he also showed humility, he said that most of the Gamers / Streamer on the nominee list impressed him because they are talented. However, Nam Blue still confidently affirmed that, with the community of Nam Blue’s Family by his side, he would win a position in the TOP 3 of the characters with a high number of nominations.

With an impressive spurt at the WeChoice Awards 2020 Nam Blue revealed the true power behind | GameK

Having entered the New Year a few days, he said his plan is still to serve the audience, trying to increase the membership of the NamBlue’s Family community. The male streamer also revealed that he is still single, so getting married is probably quite a long time, anyway, it has not been said before, maybe we will get married this year.

Finally, Nam Blue looks forward to thanking fans: “I am really very happy and proud to have a community like you, without a community and loving audience supporting me, there will definitely not be a Nam Blue today with records or achievements. that I have achieved. I would like to send my sincere thanks to my community, forever together, whole family ”.

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