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With a liquid nitrogen heatsink, the Doom Eternal can run at … 1000fps on a PC

Gamers clearly love the high frame rate. But have you ever thought you would be able to play any game with crazy frame rate at 1000fps?

That’s possible in the Doom Eternal PC game, if you have a liquid nitrogen heatsink.

In March, producer Doom Eternal, id Software, revealed that the game’s engine could theoretically handle more than 1000fps frame rates. The only challenge is in today’s computer hardware; even a high-end machine can only withstand a maximum of 250fps when running Doom Eternal at 1080p.

Id Software itself only achieved 400fps in the game when playing on their own computer system. Therefore, no one thought that 1000fps was possible in the real world until game publisher Bethesda came out to test and give an answer.

As it turns out, this first-person shooter can achieve over 1000 real frames per second, but you’ll have to overclock an already-powerful gaming PC, boost the CPU and GPU clock beyond normal levels. To perform, Bethesda invited computer experts from Polish retail company x-kom to assemble a PC using an Intel Core i7-9700K octa-core processor, then overclock from 4.9GHz to 6.6. GHz.

The GPU used is the Asus ROG Strix RTC 2080 Ti, which is also overclocked from 1.6GHz to 2.4GHz. In addition, x-kom experts also equip the rig with a 1200-watt power supply – twice what a GPU normally requires.

This configuration initially allowed the rig to reach 500 – 600fps when running Doom Eternal. But to achieve 1000fps, x-kom pros have to resort to liquid nitrogen radiators to prevent the machine from overheating and melting the internal circuit boards.

With a liquid nitrogen heatsink the Doom Eternal can run at 1000fps on a PC | Apps / Games

Using liquid nitrogen to cool your PC is definitely no joke. But this is a fairly popular solution in the PC overclocking community to test the limits of PC components. This liquid, which can reach a temperature of -195.5 degrees C, is placed in a metal bottle mounted on a microprocessor. The liquid will then evaporate, but the jar freezes and keeps the CPU underneath it completely cool.

Thanks to the liquid nitrogen, the PC was able to reach 1000fps without melting on the second day of testing.

Doom Slayer (the main character of the game) walks along the hallway of ‘Hell on Earth’ in Doom Eternal when all 8 CPU cores are overclocked near 6.6GHz, and the frame rate is exactly 1006fps. It even went up as high as 1014fps in a single tutorial screen, exceeding its target of 1000fps“- Bethesda said.

With a liquid nitrogen heatsink the Doom Eternal can run at 1000fps on a PC | Apps / Games

This achievement is indeed very impressive. And according to Bethesda, it also shows that the graphics technology in Doom Eternal will be dramatically improved if gamers upgrade their gaming consoles. Now, we only need a monitor capable of displaying 1000fps only!

DOOM Eternal: 1000 FPS challenge

Reference: PCMag

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