Wiping out half of the universe’s population in a blink of an eye, where did the 6 infinity stones come from, but possessed such hegemony?

The six infinity stones play a very important role in the first three phases of the MCU. Appears scattered in many different movies, sometimes only in time for a glimpse in post-credits, yet these 6 stones are the backbone of the common scenario throughout the electric universe. This vast photo. They step by step lead the audience to the final battle between the Avengers and Thanos, the most natural and effective way, and also contribute to popular culture a memorable icon from Marvel.

Infinity Stones, released to readers of comics as Infinity Gems, can be considered as the foundation of reality and has existed for a long time in the universe. These include 6 different stones: Time, Space, Mind, Reality, Soul, and Power. This means that if anyone owns all 6 of these Infinity Stones, that person will possess the absolute power to dominate and do anything with our entire universe. That is also the reason why Thanos spent so much time and effort rummaging through the galaxies to find them.

The 6 infinity stones are an important factor that helps connect all the MCU movies together.

Possessing so much power, but the origin of the 6 infinity stones can still be considered an unexplained unknown even in the Marvel comic universe – which is much larger than the MCU. much. The only clue we have is the story The Thanos Quest (1991) by Jim Starlin (“father” of Thanos) and the artist Ron Lim, although it is not really too obvious.

Accordingly, the original 6 infinity stones existed in the form of an anonymous cosmic entity but possessed a tremendous power source, described as “infinite and eternal”. This entity is present in all dimensions of space, realities parallel now. And it is from its core power that has produced 6 Infinity Stones – mysterious stones containing supreme power, the darkest secrets in the entire universe.

Wiping out half of the universe s population in a blink of an eye where did the 6 infinity stones come from but possessed such hegemony | Live

The origin of the 6 infinity stones is only explained quite generically in the series The Thanos Quest.

There are many “big ears” once blessed with these six powerful stones, including the Elders of the Universe with the original power of the universe; The Collector; Champion of the Universe; Grandmaster; Runner; The Gardener and finally Thanos. Through the Infinity Well, Thanos probably knew the story of the origin of these stones. Unfortunately, that detail is not explained too well to the reader. The main role of Infinity Well is to help Thanos plan to erase half of the universe’s population in order to “marry” Lady Death – another formidable cosmic entity.

Formed from an entity that has a powerful and important role equal to life, it’s no surprise that the Infinity Stones are so powerful and absolutely worthy for Marvel Studios to spend a decade. to explore the stories surrounding them. However, contrary to the unparalleled strength that has left a bold mark in popular culture, the origin of these six stones is still very vague and has only been roughly explained. Aside from being made up of an anonymous cosmic entity, we hardly have any other useful information. Hopefully this will be a topic that will be invested by the Marvel team in the future, and even put on the big screen.

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