Win-Win future: Digitalizing electricity in 2025

Under the theme “Digitalization of electricity 2025”, experts from around the world share experiences and solutions around the opportunities and changes in the digital world, under the rapid development of digital technology. and the digital economy.

In particular, Zhou Taoyuan – President of digital electrical products, Huawei – said: “The entire industry needs to attach more importance to the energy sector. Energy – which is the foundation of the engineering world. number – has become an important competitive advantage in the “digital economy.

With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud, AI, big data and IoT, digital transformation has kicked in, ushering in the digital era where everything is felt, connected and intelligent, “intelligence is connected everywhere, everywhere” is becoming a reality. This has made the development of 5G and large data centers the focus of attention. But at the same time, the massive and rapid construction of 5G and data centers has brought enormous challenges to energy infrastructure, such as increasing energy consumption and construction time. long construction and high operating and maintenance costs.

Sharing views on development trends and insights into the power of power stations in the 5G era, Liu Baochang – Deputy Director of the Department of Energy Information, China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd. – said : “Existing power stations cannot meet the electricity demands of 5G stations. Digitalization, intelligent and integrated 5G power system enables faster, more affordable and simpler 5G network deployment. “.

Today, people have a convenient life because science and technology develop, but also worry about the environment. How do we move toward a carbon-free economy? According to Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Director of Science-Based Objectives, CDP. “This includes changes in policies, technologies, economic structures and patterns of production and consumption, but the most important thing is that we change the way we live today. One of the changes is transformation. Transforming from fossil-based energy to clean and renewable energy, while slowly eliminating CO2 emissions in other parts of our economy. ”

Win Win future Digitalizing electricity in 2025 | Explore

Mr. Zhou Taoyuan, Chairman of Huawei’s digital electric product line

Mr. Zhou Taoyuan shared, “Huawei integrates traditional electrical technology and digital technology to achieve power digitization, uses ‘Bit to manage Watt’ and provides simple digital power solutions, Green, smart and reliable to tackle the challenges traditional power industries face.

“Huawei uses the target network architecture to guide the planning, construction, O&M, and operation of the electrical infrastructure,” said Fang Liangzhou, Marketing Director of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, Huawei. Regarding the power station’s source, Huawei proposes to deploy 5G without increasing the power station-related OPEX and aims to reduce costs from three For data centers, Huawei proposes a simple, green, intelligent and reliable next-generation data center facility, using innovation “four refactors” to address issues such as long data center build times, high energy consumption and challenging O&M.

In the future, Huawei said it will continue to work with global operators, while also setting a goal to provide green energy to operators and help them develop sustainable business in the future.

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