Will Marin become the new T1 coach?

Not only did the 2020 season end the way no one expected, T1 also accidentally got caught up in the drama line when the news about this team was about to end the contract with Coach Kim rumored in the Korean media.

The reality is not clear, but for the T1 fan community, they have begun to consider looking for candidates to take the coaching position of the team in the new season. kkOma – The legendary captain of T1 has just terminated the contract with Vici Gaming, of course the most expected name.

But in addition, there is another character who is also rumored by the Korean media about the possibility of sitting in the “hot seat” at T1 – Former top laner Marin.

In June, during a stream, Marin revealed her intention to become a manager by 2021 with former teammate Afreeca Freecs – Aiming. During the conversation, Marin said he wanted to try coaching, but this year was very busy so he couldn’t do it, but next year, maybe. (Marin’s “Very busy”, as we know it, is a reference to his marriage).

Aiming: Is Marin going to be a coach?

Marin: Why not? But probably not this year, I think I will try my best next year (2021), this year is very busy.

Aiming: Thinking about the scene of you as a coach makes me goosebumps, pray my career doesn’t have to have feedback meeting with you once. (Aiming refers to Marin’s personality is quite grumpy and somewhat “toxic”)

Marin: What do you mean? If you are a Coach, you will be gentle as an angel.

It is the “next year” milestone in the above conversation that has become the topic discussed by the community. It seems that with the marriage announcement in early September, Marin is also getting ready for the job of Coach. And at this point, T1 is showing signs of “changing generals”, while the old ones like kkOma and Bengi are returning to Korea respectively.

Will Marin become the new T1 coach | Esports

This has sparked speculation that T1 will be linked with Marin in the near future to make him a member of the team’s Coaching team in the 2021 season. assume the position of head coach in case coach Kim leaves.

Of course, it’s all just speculation, but the prospect of a new Coaching team featuring legends like kkOma – Bengi – Marin has begun to make the T1 fan community hope, and let’s also Wait and see, how the team leadership will make changes in terms of personnel in the next season.

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