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Why when drinking coffee, beef butts make you more alert?

Perhaps we are no strangers to cans of Cuckoo, or coffee cups, right? I think that’s for sure!

And it will be even closer for long-distance drivers, especially passenger cars, container trucks … these beef cans are really essential to keep them awake.

When using these drinks, it will help you feel more comfortable, refreshed and especially help us overcome the sleepiness.

But have you ever wondered why these drinks help us not to fall asleep, but also feel energetic? If you are asking such a question, please find out in today’s article.

We see a lot of energy drinks that taste like Cuckoo like Number1, Commando or Super Hors and we often compare the flavors between them, especially Thai beef and Vietnamese beef.

Yes, there are many different ingredients to create the taste of cans of beef butts, but to make people awake and refreshed, only one ingredient is needed, which is caffeine. So where does caffeine come from, how does it work, let’s find out right below!

I. Caffeine and its effects

Caffeine is abundant in fruits, leaves of coffee plants, tea leaves or cocoa pods and also in more than 60 other plants.

Therefore, drinks or foods made from the above plants all contain caffeine, for example, coffee, tea, tea or soda, not just Beef.

And as I said above, all of these foods will make us lose sleep.

#first. The origin of caffeine

In the past, because science has not developed, people do not know what caffeine is. But foods containing caffeine have been found and used, it is the coffee plant.

Legend has it that, in the past, the goatsmen of Kaffa (now part of Ethiopia) saw a goat eating the fruit of a plant with white flowers and dancing “frantically” tirelessly until late at night.

If you put it in today’s language, the goat is “high”, everyone :)) Just kidding, but at that time, this phenomenon was very strange, so people reported it to the priest nearby. there.

After doing research, the monk and many other people tried the water purified from this fruit and they sat and talked until midnight with no signs of sleep. As for what they say, I don’t know 😀

Why when drinking coffee beef butts make you more alert | Good Knowledge

And that tree is now called Cafe and Ethiopia is also considered to be the origin of this plant.

#2. Effects of caffeine

So how did caffeine make the goat dance through the night without getting tired, and make everyone talk awake without falling asleep until midnight? Now let’s find out how caffeine attacks the body.

When we consume foods containing caffeine, caffeine is immediately absorbed by the body and transferred to other organs.

When reaching the liver, caffeine will be broken down into many different particles and affect parts of the body, especially the brain. The particles first attack Adenosine – a neurotransmitter.

Why when drinking coffee beef butts make you more alert | Good Knowledge

This substance acts as an alarm bell to warn us about the fatigue of the body. Specifically, when we work every day, Adenosine is secreted, when we work hard, the more Adenosine accumulates.

Until the amount of this substance exceeds the prescribed level it will warn people to rest and relax by inducing a feeling of sleep. And when we wake up, that’s when Adenosine has just finished. So we feel more refreshing.

And when we consume foods containing caffeine, caffeine will attack Adenosine and our body will not tire and stay awake until the caffeine is gone.

Why when drinking coffee beef butts make you more alert | Good Knowledge

Not only attacking Adenosine, caffeine also attacks Adrenaline – a hormone acting on the sympathetic nerves, which occurs when the body is scared, angry or excited.

While Adrenaline works normally, the body will be normal, but when the caffeine works, this adrenaline will stir and get the body to work, and that’s when the body is most alert.

As a result, our bodies will not get to rest in time, and can affect our health.

So what is the benefit and harms of beef cattle or foods containing caffeine in general? and how should we use it most appropriately?

# 3. Advantages, & Benefits of caffeine

In addition to alertness, caffeine also offers the following benefits:

  • With the use of 400mg per day, your brain will be more alert and your mood will be better.
  • Next, caffeine can aid weight loss by increasing calorie burn by more than 13% normally.
  • Not only that, but consuming caffeinated foods also increases the endurance of your body by 5%.

Why when drinking coffee beef butts make you more alert | Good Knowledge

# 4. The harmful effects of caffeine

That is with 400mg daily intake, but what if you overdo them?

If you take too much caffeine, you may experience symptoms such as dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, headache and irritability.

More dangerously, you may experience fever, nausea, hallucinations, chest tightness and, especially, seizures.

Why when drinking coffee beef butts make you more alert | Good Knowledge

II. Epilogue

So I helped you understand why using beef cattle or coffee or products containing caffeine helps us to be more alert, or it can be said that it is sleepless.

If you have any more good information about caffeine, don’t hesitate to comment so we can discuss it. Good luck !

Oh forget, you should also use smart drinks to get the most out of your life.

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