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Back in time

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation?

Hello everyone, see you again, in this article we will continue to learn about the war against America to save the country in the Series “Back in Time” of the Knowledge Sharing Blog. [dot] com.

In the previous article, you and I learned about the turning point of the 1968 Tet Offensive, forcing the US to sit at the negotiating table to discuss the restoration of peace in our South Vietnam.

And this negotiation has shown most clearly the rhetoric of Mr. Le Duc Tho. As for eloquence, please join me in the detailed content right below 🙂

Read the article again:

After the Tet Offensive in 1968, the US was forced to go to the water, accept to sit at the negotiating table with us in Paris to compromise on stopping bombing and ending the war in Vietnam.

A negotiation brought the name of Mr. Le Duc Tho to the world. For those of you who do not know, he is the only Vietnamese to receive the Nobel Prize up to now.

In order to unify Paris as an intermediary – a place of negotiation, we have spent months and months of struggle. Because both sides understand that the location of the negotiation will greatly determine the final outcome of the negotiation.

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation | Back in time

The United Nations stood in the middle, suggesting the location from the beginning was Paris, but the US side wanted to sit in Geneva – Switzerland – an unofficial ally of the US.

With the determination to gain an advantage at the negotiating table, we proposed to negotiate in Phnom Penh – where the government is in the hands of King Sihanouk – a man who greatly admired Uncle Ho.

The reason that we chose Phnom Penh as a place to negotiate, you can probably guess what it is, right:

  • Firstly, Phnom Penh has King Sihanouk who loves Uncle Uncle as I mentioned above.
  • Secondly, Phnom Penh is also one of the three Indochinese countries. So the negotiation is very beneficial for us.
  • And lastly, Phnom Penh is also closer to our country, more convenient for installing intelligence to take advantage before the conference.

The two sides have sent each other dozens of negotiating places, but not accepted by the other side. In the end, the United Nations had to choose the location. Yes, nothing has changed, the selected location is still Paris.

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation | Back in time

So what does Paris have that both the United States and we accept to negotiate there?

For the US, France is the country that once dominated Vietnam, the guy that the US pumped money into to fight Vietnam and treat each other like brothers. So in Paris there is nothing disadvantageous to the American side.

Not to mention, the US is extremely confident in negotiations with us. Because in fact, the US is a country with great financial potential, so negotiating this way with them is a common practice, so having a lot of experience is understandable.

Not only that, the US also thinks that we are a very poor country (but really poor), rice is not enough to eat, let alone negotiate in such important conferences. Therefore, in terms of experience, the US side is extremely confident.

America is confident that we will overwhelm us at the negotiating table and we will have to obediently listen to them, and the war in Vietnam will also end quickly in favor of the US.

But that was one of America’s disastrous mistakes, they didn’t know that, in Paris, our friends were countless.

Especially can be mentioned as “French Communist Party”, “Youth and Women’s Movement”. And yet, France was also the country with the strongest Kieu Bao movement at that time.

Well, just the location alone took both sides months to choose.

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation | Back in time

We thought everything was done, but we’re not the “fuzzy” type, easily bullied, so we continue to suggest the finer details.

For example, the location of what’s inside, the square or rectangular negotiation table… all must be discussed and considered carefully.

At first, the US wanted to negotiate bilaterally, so it suggested using a rectangular table for two sides, one for each person.

However, our side said: “The purpose of coming here is to discuss ending the war, without the Liberation Front of South Vietnam and the Republic of Vietnam, it would be impossible to negotiate an end to the war.” can compete.”

Therefore, we want to sit at a 4-party negotiation table, the selection table is a square and each side sits on one side.

After a month of fierce struggle, the two sides have come to an agreement to use a round table, because no one will know if it is a 4-party or 2-party negotiation.

=> Thereby, we can also see how the importance of this negotiation will greatly affect the outcome of the war.

And there is one more thing that we are also very assertive in this negotiation, that is: we do not want to see the appearance of China or the Soviet Union on the negotiating table, because we are too understanding in the negotiation. already in Geneva.

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation | Back in time

To help you better understand why, I will briefly describe the following:

Firstly, if the Soviet Union or China appeared at the negotiating table, we would become a small country and be bullied. So we want to sit on an equal footing with the United States at the negotiating table so that no one can put pressure on us.

Second, if China and the Soviet Union appeared on the negotiating table, it would be in line with the US intentions, because they understood that as long as our allies put pressure on us, we will have to yield to them at the negotiating table, and the agreements signed do not need to be respected.

=> That alone is enough for us to realize how detrimental it is for us to have Russia and China at the negotiating table. And this is also the reason why diplomat Le Duc Tho confidently crushed Henry Kissinger on the negotiating table.

Why was Paris chosen as the place of negotiation | Back in time

So how can Mr. Le Duc Tho be so confident, what did he do and how did he argue to defeat the top US diplomat?

Yes, that content will be in the next article guys, don’t forget to bookmark the TIME SUPPLY column so you don’t miss the articles

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