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Why should fans of anime – manga always watch light novels?

If you’ve been a frequent follower of anime for the past few years, you may have noticed that many popular series are based on “light novels” instead of manga as they used to be. Examples include “Sword Art Online”, “Re: ZERO”, “No Game No Life”, or “Durarara”, all of which are based on the light novels from before. But watching anime alone will be difficult to understand every aspect of this unique type of novel.

Here are 5 reasons you should try reading light novels and feel their differences from the manga or anime adaptation.

1. They have more details than the anime adaptation

You may have noticed that sometimes a light novel-based anime seems to have a too fast tempo or doesn’t clearly explain what’s going on in the character’s mind. This is because the anime version tries to trim a lot of content to fit the length of each episode, as most anime adaptations will take about 4 episodes to cover a single book of light novel, but in some cases Only use exactly 1 book for 1 book. In this case, you should read the novel to better understand who to whom the character system is, what is happening in this world, not to mention the details that make the story come alive. .

2. Light novel that tells the complete story

Why should fans of anime manga always watch light novels | Khám phá

Anime adaptations of light novels usually do not cover everything in a series. Most of the time, the anime only delivers the content in the first few novels, then comes to an open ending, if you’re lucky, the audience will have season 2 to watch, or not. This can be really frustrating if you are just watching anime and have started indulging in a certain series, for example the case of the anime “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”.

3. Some of the most interesting light novels have no anime version at all

Why should fans of anime manga always watch light novels | Khám phá

Similar to the manga, many light novels do not have an anime adaptation. And if you focus only on novels with anime parallels, you will miss out on a lot of good works. Take “My Little Sister Can Read Kanji” for example, which has a monstrous storyline set in the near future when “moe” anime styles dominated the world, and the kanji has become. out of date no one used anymore. Everyone from old to young is obsessed with “moe”, and only the sister of the protagonist can read kanji. You won’t find this kind of story anywhere other than the light novel world.

4. Light novels cover all genres and styles

Why should fans of anime manga always watch light novels | Khám phá

Contrary to popular perception, there is no clear light novel ‘style’. In the Japanese publishing industry, the term “light novel” simply refers to any publication released under a light novel stamped publisher, and is an expanded genre. While the majority of the work is aimed at a young audience, the light novel can cover any genre, range in length, and are not necessarily easier to read than a regular novel.

5. You can read them conveniently on your mobile device

Unfortunately, light novels have never gained popularity in Vietnam, but in other Asian or Western markets, they are increasingly well received by readers. Most new publications have e-book versions available for fans to easily access anytime, anywhere instead of having to find a bookstore. Their distribution can be chapter-by-volume or you can spend money to buy an entire finished set.

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