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Why not use your phone as an alarm clock

It can harm sleep

This is because we really can’t help but go through our social media pages or complete tasks on our phone before bed. And not only does this shorten the amount of time you sleep, but the blue light of your phone can affect sleep quality, even in the long run which can lead to dangerous disorders.

It can mess up your morning routine

Again, when we hold the phone in our hand after turning off the alarm, we automatically start checking email and text messages. And this, of course, usually takes longer than originally intended. It causes you to rush through daily workflows after that, then lose the habits that are really important to keeping yourself on time and in good shape every morning.

Phone alarms can be hard to hear

Why not use your phone as an alarm clock | Khám phá

Since it’s not as noisy as the alarm clock, many people can easily miss the alarm. Also, since we’re all accustomed to the sounds our phones make during the day, it might not be as effective as a real alarm clock, to wake us up from a deep sleep.

Its battery may be exhausted

Why not use your phone as an alarm clock | Khám phá

Mobile phone alarm will not work when the battery is depleted. So if you don’t want to be late for an important appointment, it’s better to use the regular alarm. Even if you always do your best to keep your smartphone charged, you may not notice its battery draining before you fall asleep.

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