Why Lien Minh: Can Chien still not succeed in Vietnam as expected? Is it because of VNG?

Right from the time of the Alliance project: Quick War Introduced at the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, this game has been considered a real blockbuster in the global mobile gaming industry. During the next year, a lot of players’ clues went to League: Quick War and any information about graphics, gameplay, general system … is enthusiastically interested by gamers.

Especially, the two limited Alpha Test and Closed Beta made Vietnamese gamers fidgety. At that time, it was not difficult to come across question and answer posts trying to download games, create accounts and login instructions. Play League: Quick War in Vietnam about 6 months ago was really an “unbelievable” thing.

With such great attraction, but why until now League: Quick WarEven though it was officially launched in Vietnam market, but still cannot create the expected success? Why does a product listed in the blockbuster face so many objections from those who have been very eager to experience it?

Is VNG not too salty?

With the co-issuance method, Riot will be the unit managing and operating the server while VNG will be in charge of the communication and charging port in the Vietnamese market. If you look carefully, you can see, League: Quick War There was no significant media or advertising campaign in the Vietnamese market, other than the trip event Quick War.

Why Lien Minh Can Chien still not succeed in Vietnam as expected Is it because of VNG | GameK

In addition to inviting a number of streamers from Lien Quan, VNG currently has not made a significant move to promote marketing for League: Quick War. There are even many similar posts on two League of Legends Fanpages: Riot’s Speed ​​and VNG’s Speedy 247.

If you look at how VNG’s previous mobile game products are promoted, players can see a huge difference between Quick War – a co-release product and titles 100% responsible for VNG itself. Or is it because VNG is too confident about the brand of Toc Chien in the style of “natural organic incense”?

Why Lien Minh Can Chien still not succeed in Vietnam as expected Is it because of VNG | GameK

Recall a little of League’s Showmatch Pentaboom tournament: Quick War was held on the semifinal day of AIC 2020. The difference in the number of viewers at the same time between the two games and tournaments, although Pentaboom also brings together very large streamer names is a dot. Ask a big question about VNG’s marketing plan.

Riot has not completely overcome the internal problem of Speed ​​War

If we talk about the issues that make the player feel uncomfortable in League: Speed ​​War, maybe not a few. Up to the present time, the game still cannot get rid of the problem of jerky, lag or even loss of connection in the middle. It has been almost a month since its official launch in Vietnam, but it seems that the server has not been improved, which is a taboo for online game products in general and with MOBA eSports games like Quick War in particular. Because it only needs a slight “delay” phase, the player’s fate can already sit on the counting board.

Why Lien Minh Can Chien still not succeed in Vietnam as expected Is it because of VNG | GameK

Another problem is the strict language censorship Quick War when even pure words are confusingly turned into ***. Once again, gamers question where is VNG’s responsibility to advise Riot to fix this problem?

Haven’t seen the roadmap of VNG

If anyone has been a veteran eSports gamer, it can be seen that VNG has not launched a long-term development roadmap for League: Quick War in the Vietnamese market. There is a feeling that Express Chien is being abandoned to the spontaneous community instead of having a clear direction from the publisher. While Riot is still frantically fixing the server, VNG also gives players the feeling that this NPH is not interested in the blockbuster product called Express Chien.

Why Lien Minh Can Chien still not succeed in Vietnam as expected Is it because of VNG | GameK

Remember nearly 4 years ago, when VNG brought Crossfire Legends, this NPH immediately drew up an eSports tournament roadmap from amateur, semi-professional to professional and even international. In fact, that model was a hit in the first year of the shooter’s release. So why, Express Chien still not available? Of course, Quick War It has only been released a month, but this is also the golden age of an online game product that VNG should have given a specific direction for all players to see, instead of letting go of the current.

Is this a “bring your child to market” phase of VNG or not? This will be answered by us in the next part of the article.


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