Why isn’t Iron Man wearing his strongest armor in the Battle of Endgame?

Despite making 85 Iron Man suits himself in the MCU, Tony Stark has never really worn his strongest armor. The upgrade and development of this character’s armor is increasingly impressive and becomes more beneficial thanks to the integration of nanotechnology that Iron Man “learned” from Wakanda.

From Iron Man 3 onwards, Tony Stark faced PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) after the battle in New York and that was demonstrated by the invention of coercive invention – Iron’s arsenal. Man has grown several times over before, several suits designed for extremely specific functions, like specialized for underwater use and stealth flying.

Right from the Iron Man movie (2008), the audience was overwhelmed by the technological beauty in the armor of geniuses, billionaires, players and philanthropist Tony Stark. However, you must see the original comic to know that Iron Man’s armor is so good that it can hurt even gods …

Those prototypes helped refine Iron Man’s technology in specific ways, and helped Tony tweak his main armor, add abilities, reduce weight, and improve efficiency. This also led to the development of War Machine armor, Iron Spider (as well as other Spider-Man suits made by Tony Stark) and Hulkbuster.

But Tony’s progress goes beyond the development of the Iron Man suit, the armor he wears in Avengers: Endgame is seen as the key to allowing this superhero to use the Infinity Stones, but on in fact, this is not the character’s strongest armor.

The armor that this superhero created for Pepper Potts is really the strongest armor of this character. And in fact, the fact that he’s not wearing his strongest Iron Man suit tells a lot about Tony’s journey throughout the stages of the MCU.

Why isn t Iron Man wearing his strongest armor in the Battle of Endgame | Live

The scene of Pepper and Tony fighting is probably also one of the fan favorite moments in Avengers: Endgame. At that time, Pepper wore the Rescue suit – an armor that Tony made specifically for Pepper to use in combat. The purple Rescue armor has also appeared in the Iron Man: Armored Advenstures animated series. In Avengers: Endgame, this armor appears when Tony and Pepper’s daughter Morgan takes the helmet to play hide and seek with her father. Pepper Potts then used Rescue to join the final battle between the Avengers and Thanos alongside her husband, and helped Spider-Man bring the Infinity Gauntlet to Ant-Man before joining the female superheroes. Another hero fights against Thanos’ legion in a later scene.

The purple armor, seen in Endgame’s final battle is a weapon of mass destruction. When Pepper arrived on the battlefield, she quickly demonstrated the ability of the armor she was wearing, taking down Thanos’s ship as easily as Captain Marvel. Pepper also defeats a Chitauri Leviathan, and makes the character’s strength in armor comparable to that of Hulk in terms of physical strength.

Meanwhile, the fact that Tony allowed Pepper to participate in such a fight sees this superhero completely assured of that armor, ignoring his fear of losing loved ones. Tony gave her such a perfect protective cover that she was never really in danger.

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Tony Stark talks about how the ultimate armor isn’t for Tony, but for the world – “a suit of armor around the world”, and in a way, he made it.

Starting from what happened at the end of Infinity War, through Tony’s isolation in space, we can see that this character’s priorities evolve and shift to focus on family. This character was able to give up on being a hero and focus on family life. But the development of the Rescue suit implies that Tony still has a connection to his past and fears that his fears in Age Of Ultron might come true. In addition, developing her such a powerful armor tells everything about Tony’s need to protect the family.

In the end, Tony always knows that he won’t be the one to survive all the battles, or maybe he can’t always be there. That’s why he wants an armor for the world, and why he needs to develop his Iron Man suits so strong that he feels brave enough to hand it over to Pepper, This armor should be strong enough to protect her in Tony’s absence. And the fact that this superhero doesn’t wear his strongest armor but gives it to Pepper is also a pure expression of Tony Stark’s love.

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