Why isn’t Darkseid the villain of Justice League despite being in the Snyder Cut

Darkseid will appear in Justice League, but he won’t be the main villain of the movie. After Snyder left Justice League in early 2017, Warner Bros. made a lot of changes, including removing Darkseid from the movie. All scenes of this character and almost all references to Darkseid have been cut or replaced by Steppenwolf – the main villain in both the theatrical movie and the Snyder Cut movie.

Before Snyder Cut was able to come out, Snyder was pretty open about what Darkseid’s role would be. The way that Apokolips rulers will be included in Justice League will probably be through a series of historical stories. In the original, the young Darkseid, known as the Uxas, will lead the attack against all of Earth’s forces to obtain the Anti-Life Equation – the equation against life. But as one of DC’s biggest villains, why isn’t Darkseid the main villain in Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

Darkseid is considered one of the two most powerful deities of the New Gods race. He spends his life just accomplishing his goal of dominating the universe and finding the equation against life.

Darkseid is a fictional super villain appearing in comic books and published by DC Comics. Created by Jack Kirby, this character first appeared in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen # 134 (December 1970).

And there are a few reasons why Darkseid has to be behind Steppenwolf in Justice League right now. As far as the story is concerned, Darkseid is the leader of Apokolips and Steppenwolf is the leader of his invasion as the events of Justice League unfold. Lex Luthor also knew about Steppenwolf and the Mother Box in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so Steppenwolf could stick with them more in the Snyder Cut.

Justice League footage even revealed that Steppenwolf never lost a fight before invading. That will make Steppenwolf a perfect choice to invade Earth.

Why isn t Darkseid the villain of Justice League despite being in the Snyder Cut | Live

Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, his ultimate goal is to conquer the universe and eliminate all free will. As one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, the character becomes a Superman villain and the main enemy of Justice League in the comics.

In addition to the specifics on how Darkseid fits into the Justice League story, Snyder has also made the right decision for the bigger story by delaying Darkseid’s arrival.

Darkseid is the biggest villain DC has, so making him the first in the Justice League war probably wouldn’t be right. Because if Darkseid becomes the main villain then the Justice League will either defeat their biggest threat or they will lose the first team. Neither of those results is a priority at this point as it is too early, so pushing Darkseid’s battle with Justice League into a future story would make more sense.

Why isn t Darkseid the villain of Justice League despite being in the Snyder Cut | Live

Darkseid ranked 6th in the top 100 all-time comic book villains ranked by IGN and ranked 23 of the 100 greatest villains of all time ranked by Wizard.

Why isn t Darkseid the villain of Justice League despite being in the Snyder Cut | Live

It is a fact that not everyone knows, Darkseid was defeated by a mortal man like Batman, not only once but twice. The first was during the events of Final Crisis, which saw The Dark Knight accept the use of guns after a long period of time. And the specially crafted bullet he fired was probably only meant for Darkseid, who was attacking Earth at that time. The second time is when the body of Batman’s son Damien Wayne is stolen and brought to Apokolips. This action made Bruce Wayne extremely painful and it was also the factor that led him to decide to use the Hellbat armor to destroy Darkseid’s den. Suddenly beaten up, the entire Apokolips disbanded, leaving their lord miserable to a race that was once considered weak.

Why isn t Darkseid the villain of Justice League despite being in the Snyder Cut | Live

In the DC comic version, Steppenwolf is a very powerful villain. He possesses many extraordinary abilities and fighting skills, is a key factor in the battle with the Justice League. Steppenwolf was Darkseid’s uncle, but became a general under his nephew. He owns his own fierce army of parademon – aggressive beast that can fly and obey his command. In the Darkseid War to take over the multiverse, Steppenwolf went to Earth-2 and nearly eliminated all who could resist. He kills both Superman and the Wonder Woman of Earth, and Batman is forced by Steppenwolf’s intelligence to commit suicide in order to save the whole world. Just one battle can kill 3 of Earth-2’s most powerful superheroes, you can see how dangerous and scary Step is! Not only that, he is often the pioneer in all battles of Darkseid because of his ability to fight first and sweep wide.

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