Why is there a black square like this in NASA’s photograph?

More modern technology, which means that our photos are sharper than before; The sun has never been so beautiful. Knowing that it is not easy to photograph a giant fusion furnace that produces deadly radiation, science can still take the closest picture to the Sun as well as The most detailed Sun picture ever, both of which have been achieved within this year.

The most close-up photograph ever.

These efforts follow on from the successes of the Solar Observatory projects that began in the 1990s, a joint effort by the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency. EUROPE (ESA). One of them is the Sun and Japanese Book Observatory (SOHO), a solar research satellite since 1995.

Observing the latest image taken by SOHO, you will see a black square image exists in front of the Sun, many sides “jerking” is an unidentified flying object, with a size tens of times larger than the Earth. , fly across the Sun for an unknown purpose.

Why is there a black square like this in NASA s photograph | Explore

Unidentify Flying Object?

Bernhard Fleck, the scientist and SOHO project leader, simply said this simple: “Obviously those statements are completely absurd. This black square appears due to an error in part of the remote Sun measurement data”.

To put it simply: the image of the Sun is broken when the signal is transmitted from SOHO to Earth. Satellites are up to 1.5 million km from Earth, sometimes images still lose a few pixels when traveling long distances, which is nothing new to scientists of the SOHO project. Even when NASA publishes new photos, they claim they are meant for viewing, not for analysis or for scientific value.

I can send you a few dozen, if not a few hundred similar photographs, with even bigger ‘UFOs’.”Mr. Fleck said. “The missing block is a combination of 32×32 pixels, which is the smallest measurement unit of an image block created by telemetry. Even if only one byte of data fails, the entire 32×32 block will turn black”.

Why is there a black square like this in NASA s photograph | Explore

The black array is just an error image, nothing more.

In a 2003 post entitled “How to create your own UFO“Speaking of how often viewers mistake the natural phenomena in photographs of an unidentified flying object, NASA says like this:”Since the launch, many people claim to have seen flying saucers or mysterious objects in SOHO photos sent. While capturing UFOs is fascinating, any analysis of the SOHO expert experts shows that they are normal.”.

Why is there a black square like this in NASA s photograph | Explore

NASA describes steps to turn a natural phenomenon into a UFO.

Mr. Fleck added that the conspiracy theorists would not be believed no matter how explained, because the act of believing in mysterious things is still more interesting than listening to preaching and acquiring dry truths.

But no matter what people say, no one can refute the truth: SOHO photos sent beautiful as always. You can view the whole album this link.

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