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Why is gaming on Tet holiday more ‘happy’ than usual?

During the Tet holidays, many young people still choose to relax by playing entertaining games. For many people, this is the time when gamers can “dance” most comfortable.

Play game Tet really “was” over

Most of us are usually busy for the first 1 or 2 days of the preparation work, from December 28 to 30. Left, the days of the day most players can often enter the game. Even when going out, wish New Year gamers can “enlist” into the game to experience.

Normally, the Tet holiday period lasts until the end of the first week of the lunar calendar. After having done the work, the main activity of the New Year, gamers can play the game in the following days. “Wide day long month” help gamers can “play” the game comfortably …

Playing games on Tet holiday is not only abundant in time but also in abundance ingame event is extremely attractive for the community. Vietnamese publishers often open many Lunar New Year events in the game to connect players, an opportunity for gamers to better understand and love the traditional culture of the nation.

Why is gaming on Tet holiday more happy than usual | Mobile & Social

Many game events on New Year

Popular games like Arena of valor, PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile, Dao Mo Ky Mobile … currently have many interesting events for gamers to participate, receive many Tet gifts. And of course, when there are many events, the atmosphere in the game will become vibrant, familiar to gamers.

Not only that, Tet holiday game is a time to connect brothers and friends. The Lunar New Year holiday is an opportunity for you and your friends to meet, exchange and share. Along enjoy a common rank match, the same boss battle, activities beyond the frontier in the game is an interesting thing in the New Year, to help strengthen the emotional attachment.

Why is gaming on Tet holiday more happy than usual | Mobile & Social

Playing games is more fun because there are brothers

Gaming is a must have brothers. Nothing is equal to the New Year holidays, you can be together with your favorite games, right?

One more thing that makes gaming on Tet holiday more “fun” than usual is that no one disturbs or pressures the work. It is true that the holidays are the time gamers are comfortable, carefree and thoughtless (we do not mention the special circumstances and circumstances). Gamers can be allowed to play games through the night without being spared the occasional “look” by their parents or by much work.

Although Tet is a comfortable time for gamers to play games, not under a lot of pressure compared to normal days, we also need to take care of our health, do not be too passionate but neglect family work. In fact, it is still there worries that many Vietnamese gamers wing in the New Year.

To make the holiday more meaningful, gamers can support housework, participate in spring travel activities, share with the community around the good deeds. Just play the game just to eat a real New Year, so the New Year is full! What game will you play this Tet, please share with us.

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