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Why is Dust 2 always loved by CSGO gamers?

CS: GO is an online game in the first-person shooter genre today. There are many big and small tournaments held all year round, CS: GO is showing its strength compared to the rest. In CS: GO, there are many maps such as: Nuke, Train, Mirage, … In particular, Dust 2 map can be said to be a map that is most liked by the gunmen. At the tournament, if Dust 2 was not picked, it was banned.

So what makes Dust 2 so popular in CS: GO? Like other fighting games, CS: GO is also divided into two camps: Terrorist (terrorist) and Counter-terrorist (Anti-terrorist team, often called “police faction”). But what makes CS: GO different from other games is the map.

The map in Dota, League of Legends or even in football is a symmetrical structure, this brings balance. The map in CS: GO is different, it’s very special. It always brings an advantage to one side, and there is a pretty big disadvantage for the other. This is determined by the layout and design of the different maps. This is a rather negative aspect, such as C9’s crazy comback phase in ESL One Cologne 2014.

Why is Dust 2 always loved by CSGO gamers | Khám phá

Dust 2 seems to be the only map that solves that problem. It is designed with a fairly symmetrical structure, no side has a real advantage. Dust 2 is designed to create a balance between both sides. However, there are some ideas that the Terrorist faction in Dust 2 has an advantage, as they can completely apply the “Rushing” or “faking” strategy to place a boom. But that is only a small advantage, when Counter-terrorist faction can fully apply the most basic strategy “defend the bombsites”.

Why is Dust 2 always loved by CSGO gamers | Khám phá

Dust 2 is created according to the classic four-square design that developers often apply. Outside A long, A site, B site and Outside Tunnels / T-spawn are four perpendicular angles that are used to make wide sections, facilitating medium combat situations. The connection, the corridor and the mid area are also an equally important part in the teamfight. This brings the perfect balance!

Professional players often play a separate role in every match. However, mid is the most important position in Dust 2, because most of the strategies that can be applied in this map have to be more or less through this position.

Why is Dust 2 always loved by CSGO gamers | Khám phá

Overall, Dust 2 is probably the map that brings the most balance in CS: GO. That’s why this map is so popular. In addition, Dust 2 is also a suitable map for gamers to practice some basic skills such as jumping, moving, aiming techniques, … Overall, Dust 2 brings great, balanced for CS: GO beginners as well as the fast, balanced balance for fastidious veterans.

Whether you hate it or love it, you can hardly deny that Dust 2 is one of the most well-designed and popular maps in CS: GO history. Will there be a map that will surpass Dust 2 in the future? Valve always tries to develop CS: GO. But it is also a bit difficult because Dust 2 is also taken care of by Valve quite frequently when it is constantly updated to better suit professional gamers. After all, there is probably only one certainty, that Dust 2 will always be one of the most popular maps of CS: GO gamers.

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