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Why has Steam become the most popular gaming platform?

Steam is an online distribution platform, digital rights management, online games, and internet-based social media service developed by Valve Corporation. This is the success and pride of Valve. From their clever investment, they have brought Steam into a leading game distribution tool today.

first. Steam is the first flag for gaming platforms

Steam is the world’s first digital game distribution service. It can be compared to an Amazone site in the gaming world. This is an important advantage, because the first step is always less competitive, opening up a great development opportunity.

However, to say again and again, besides the above advantages, Valve also had to take risks when the market was extremely poor at first. At that time, when mentioning Steam, almost everyone had to go to Google to find out first. Facing such a challenge, Valve not only does not hesitate but also seeks to promote the development of his pet.

2. From Half Life 2, to Portal, DOTA 2 and Counter Strike

Why has Steam become the most popular gaming platform | Khám phá

When Steam was still at an early stage, Valve decided to release Half Life 2 as a boost to entice Steam users. As expected, with its popularity, Half Life 2 has brought Steam a decent number of users. That is the basis for Valve to be able to consider whether or not to maintain Steam.

However, not long after that, the name Half Life 2 gradually faded away. But fortunately, Steam continued to be saved by Portal, a game that is quite famous.

Why has Steam become the most popular gaming platform | Khám phá

Not stopping there, to further promote Steam users, Valve has developed a new game called Counter Strike Source (CSS). CSS was developed based entirely on the egine of Half Life 2. Perhaps so that it was much sought after and became one of the hottest games of Steam at that time. After this CSS was upgraded to Counter Strike GO, the game Valve focused on developing until now.

3. The wise investment from Valve

Why has Steam become the most popular gaming platform | Khám phá

It can be said that without CSS, Steam will surely not have the position it is today. Along with the huge increase in market share from Counter Strike GO, Steam has attracted a lot of game providers. That’s the basis for them to be able to bring in titles like Left 4 Dead, thereby strengthening their dominance.

In addition to bringing potential and attractive games, Valve has also developed many interesting features such as chat, API (application programming interface), transactional features of in-game items, … This seems to have turned Steam into a true gaming-focused social network. Here, people can freely exchange, chat or even share the achievements in the game to “show off” to friends.

Especially with the trade feature, it has brought Steam to a market that is always vibrant. Now, people do not just play games for fun, but also to make money. Through a highly secure trading system, Steam offers users an opportunity to get rich right on their favorite game.

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