Why even if Ma Sieu did not die soon, Zhuge Liang could not be punished successfully?

Ma Sieu, himself Manh Khoi, once a notorious vassal of Tay Luong, later became a tiger general under Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period.

In 222, the once famous tiger general died at the age of over 40, leaving many regrets for the Shu Han court.

There is even an opinion that if Ma Sieu did not die soon and could live until Zhuge Liang punished Cao Wei, with his talent, he could help Shu Han unify Trung Nguyen, revive the army. Han’s karma.

However, from Qulishi’s point of view, within the scope of the “Three Kingdoms”, even without his early death and participation in the Northern Penalty campaign, Ma Sieu is unlikely to change the outcome of the faction’s defeat. Shu Han for the reasons below.

The first reason: Ma Luong’s majestic golden age, Tay Luong, soon receded into the past

Ma Sieu used to be a vassal from a clan of tribal leaders, one-sided magnitude and possessed many notorious feats of Three Kingdoms. (Artwork: Internet source).

During his lifetime, Ma Sieu came from the vassal of Tay Luong, a descendant of the Shogun General. He took over Ma Dang’s army and confronted Han Cao with Cao Cao.

During the peak years of his career, Ma Sieu occupied Dong Guan, Chang’an. In the past, Cao Cao once led his own army and Ma Chien in a great battle, it was very difficult to have victory.

Therefore, it can be said that, in Tay Luong at that time, Ma Sieu was a great figure, the subordinates had hundreds of thousands of elite cavalry, even the Jiang had to respect and respect. he is the “God of Heavenly Generals”.

But since he agreed to Liu Bei, his career as a general was like the sun set in the west.

His biological father, Ma Dang, and his cousins ​​Ma Hui and Ma Thiet were all killed by Cao Cao. Even his wife and children and relatives were also harmed, Deputy General Bang Duc also agreed upon the Cao army, only his younger brother Ma Dai followed his dependence thanks to Thuc Han.

At that time, even though he still had a certain reputation in Tay Luong, ever since he agreed to Liu Bei, his reputation had gradually decreased.

It is hard not to admit that Ma Chao’s illustrious era soon receded into the past. Therefore, even if he lived until Khong Minh Bắc punished him, it would be difficult for him to make the Tay Luong army or the Khuong volunteered to listen to him against a powerful force like Cao Wei.

The second reason: If alive until the North punished, Ma Sieu also old age weak health

Why even if Ma Sieu did not die soon Zhuge Liang could not be punished successfully | Manga/Film

Since returning to Liu Bei, Ma Sieu’s career has been likened to “the sun set in the West”. (Artwork: Internet source).

Said to be the youngest among the “Five Tiger Generals”, at the time of his death in 222, Ma Sieu was not yet 47 years old.

However, if he lived up to the time of Khong Minh Bac’s punishment, he was now over 50 years old. In ancient times, that age could be considered old.

In the old days when he was young, Ma Sieu followed his father to fight when he was 17 years old. After a few years, he continuously won the fame of the people thanks to a series of victories, such as cutting down Dong Trac’s men, causing Cao Cao to cut his beard, throw his shirt to flee in the battle of Dong Guan, even fighting alone. with the First Hero of the Cao Wei faction is Xu Chu …

But all those illustrious victories took place that year when he was still a young man. But a Ma Sieu when he was out of his fifties has soon gone through the golden age, if he wants to continue to fight in the position of volunteer, he will have more difficulties.

The third reason: The capacity of Ma Sieu alone could not save the failed outcome of Shu Han

Why even if Ma Sieu did not die soon Zhuge Liang could not be punished successfully | Manga/Film

In fact, the one who could change the outcome of the North’s punishment was Zhuge Liang, not Ma Sieu. (Illustration).

Ma S despite having even more powerful ability, it is only a person’s strength, there is no way to help Shu Han change the final result.

Looking back at the time when the North was executed for the first time, it is not difficult to realize that the Thuc Han faction gained a lot of advantages. But the situation has changed in an unfavorable direction since the fall of Nhai Dinh.

During the campaign that year, even without the appearance of Ma Sieu, Shu Han still had another tiger general, Zhao Yun, who went to war. Unfortunately, the end result cannot be changed.

Although at that time, Shu Han faction did not suffer too great losses. However, losing the army and still getting nothing, it can be considered a failure.

So even though Ma Sieu was still alive and able to participate in this first North Penalty, his strength alone would be difficult to change the key event of Ma Toc to lose Nhai Dinh.

In fact, the influence of a general on a war is not great. The person who can make decisions to change the world is the character of the marshal like Zhuge Liang or Sima Y.

Moreover, if judged based on the international relations between the two sides, Shu Han’s capacity then could not be compared with Cao Wei. This is the main reason why Zhuge Liang repeatedly punished the North but could not gain anything.

Why even if Ma Sieu did not die soon Zhuge Liang could not be punished successfully | Manga/Film

At the time of joining the North, the age of Zhao Yun and Ma Sieu can already be classified as “old general”. (Artwork: Internet source).

Therefore, even if Ma Sieu does not die soon and lives until the time of Wei’s punishment, his and Zhao Yun’s roles will be the same, giving more spiritual meaning than practical use.

Because, the glorious period of these old generals has soon retreated to the past. Because of their age and prestige, it is difficult for them to exert their power on the battlefield to create glorious feats like adolescence.

This is also the reason why historical analysis site Qulishi commented that: Even if Ma Sieu participated in the Northern Penalty campaign, it is not possible to help Shu Han become the winner.

* From the perspective of Qulishi (China).

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