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Why does Japan have the most 18+ actors in the world?

In Japan, there are many special industries, including a completely different industry and not in many other East Asian countries – the adult film industry. Although it is a sensitive industry, but the adult film industry helps the country to earn billions of dollars each year. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this profession attracts many people regardless of age, appearance, even those who are famous from before.

At present, there are about 150 different management companies and representatives. On the market, up to 35,000 18+ products are released each year with 4 thousand different girls. There are many girls entering this field that have a reputation and even participate in entertainment, social, etc.

Today, the AV field is no longer what it was when it started. No longer forced or fraudulent jobs, AV filmmaking has become somewhat more professional and transparent, although society still has a large stigma against this particular industry. Despite that, are there still a bunch of young girls ready to jump into AV?

One of the most understandable reasons is money.

Why does Japan have the most 18 actors in the world | Khám phá

Living in Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is not difficult to understand that the beauty, cosmetics or fashion items here always have “heavenly” prices, especially the products from brands that have name. Even Japanese people even have to learn to be able to beautify or nourish their skin from foods or nuts to save costs compared to buying high-end cosmetics.

Money is fairy Buddha, is the power of the spring, is a measure of justice. Where you live, you also need money, and AV girls are no exception. They have huge motivations for making money, and entering the 18+ industry is the easiest way to make money fast.

So, how much money do girls living in the adult film industry make?

Why does Japan have the most 18 actors in the world | Khám phá

Just like showbiz or mainstream art, the girls’ popularity and name will also partly shape the amount of money they make. The more star status, the more years working in the profession, the higher the income level. Some notable names like Mihiro, a former AV actress born in 1982, has an income of 100 million yen / year (~ 22 billion VND) or Aoi Sora, whose income is not less than 150 million yen / year (~ 33 billion VND).

However, there are also some of the most prominent names in this industry. In the current market, it is not difficult to find a wide range of girls with modest incomes, even living in rental houses with no bathroom, only 40k yen (~ 8.8 million VND). ).

On the other hand, filming adult movies does not make as much money as before, because 18+ products are now rampant online, even available for free in many different ways. So, many people even think of acting like this as a left-hand job, or a part-time job, or even just acting once.

Why does Japan have the most 18 actors in the world | Khám phá

This is an ideal job for female students or even housewives, because it does not take too much time, you can do it in your spare time for 1-2 days, or enter weekends for example. Moreover, these products sometimes require you to be 100% naked or film in front of the camera, sometimes just being a bikini model, wearing sexy lingerie, semi-nude or even playing a supporting role for the 18+ other actors. Importantly, compared to other part-time jobs, 18+ products still pay a much higher income.

The most important thing here is, participating in 18+ products is not considered “morally corrupt” with the Japanese, more openly can be said to exchange “sexual fantasies” for money. Of course, playing mainstream AV is another matter, but Japanese thinking is rather open in terms of thinking about choosing this job.


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