Why did Na Tra repeatedly help Sun Wukong?

Na Tra and Sun Wukong are both powerful characters in the legend. In ancient Chinese mythology, there are only 2 characters who have enough courage to rebel the Dragon Palace that is Na Tra and Sun Wukong.

Na Tra is a warrior of the Heavenly Yard.

Na Tra is a character present in folk mythology as well as some ancient Chinese novels such as Phong Than performing meaning good Tau Du Ky as a child. Na Tra possesses an infinite power of a vanguard general of Thien Binh with many treasures in hand such as the Fire injection, the Cans circle, the Cha Thien Lang silk, the Fire Wheel (the fire wheel). ..

Na Tra’s magic power is among the strongest in the world, Na Tra can turn into three heads and six hands, each holding a weapon to fight.

It must be said that Na Tra’s favor for Ton Ngon Not quite a lot. In the episode Kim Giac, Ngan Giac, to perform the purpose of swapping Tu Kim Ho Lo, Sun Wukong boasted that his fake Ho Lo could swallow heaven.

Why did Na Tra repeatedly help Sun Wukong | Manga/Film

Na Tra appeared several times to help Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong went to heaven to seek help. Ngoc De showed dissatisfaction at that time, but Na Tra proposed a method to use Creation Hoang Ky to conceal the light of Nhat Tinh. That’s why Ngoc Hoang agreed.

Coming to the practice of Poisoning, Na Tra also respected Sun Wukong’s words to compete with youkai and then lost all weapons.

The most difficult was when Wukong and the Eight Precepts fought Niu Ma Vuong. Niu Ma Vuong, originally wrote: “That Ma Vuong is strong and strong, with the Eight Worlds and Wukong fighting back and forth, fighting all night can not be won”. Demonstrates Niu Ma Vuong is not afraid of the two disciples of the Tang Sang team.

At this time, thanks to Na Tra, the original wrote: “Na Tra turned into three heads and six arms, chasing her body, setting fire on the wheel and using the fire to burn, causing Niu Vuong to shake his head and wag his tail in misery. “.

From the above details, many people questioned, why did Na Tra “treat” Wukong so well?

There is a theory that, between Wukong and Na Tra, there are many similarities, creating a sense of intimacy, that is why Na Tra does not hesitate to debut many times to help Wukong.

Why did Na Tra repeatedly help Sun Wukong | Manga/Film

Wukong and Na Tra have the same origin as the Linh Thach.

Accordingly, in the original work Journey to the west In the confrontation between Ton Ngo Khong and Na Tra at Hoa Qua Son, it was written: “Luc Bich Na Tra Thai Tu, Thien Sinh My Thach Hau Vuong, Ky Phung rival, the original enlightenment”.

“The original” is the origin of the two people. Na Tra was transformed by Linh Chau, Sun Wukong was born from a Marble Stone after absorbing the Sun Moon essence. Therefore, Wukong and Na Tra have the same origin as the Linh Thach that received the aura of heaven and earth, and their temperament and habits, even behavior, are also relatively similar.

Even the first “victory” of these two non-human characters are the same, both related to “Dong Hai”.

Therefore, Na Tra felt that Wukong was like her, so many times, Sun Wukong, on the way to encounter an accident, did not hesitate, but she helped.

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