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Why did I choose to upgrade to a 65-inch Neo QLED TV?

Usually, the need to buy household items, especially TV items, is rarely interested. Most users often wait for festivals, football is coming soon, or when shopping for furniture for a new home or even just waiting for a great deal to really search and pay attention. Personally, with the current stressful epidemic situation, staying at home to implement the boring social distancing directive, plus the “old-fashioned” 40-inch TV could not meet the needs of current use. Now, I decided to “go to life”.

After 7749 days of learning from major technology companies with a full range of models and smart features on new generation TVs, I decided to stop at Samsung TVs because of the outstanding advantages listed below. push me to make a decision right away.

    1. Big screen comes with “already” picture quality

Currently, the big screen TV experience is a trend not only in Vietnam but also around the world. In my personal opinion, TV screens ranging from 55-65 inches are one of the best sizes, but in many respects, the winner will be in favor of 65-inch TVs because of the outstanding advantages that it offers. bring.

Why did I choose to upgrade to a 65 inch Neo QLED TV | Number toys

If you are wondering whether to choose a 55-inch TV with excellent display or a 65-inch TV with similar performance but a little more expensive, then I recommend choosing the large part.

In the past, every time I watched TV, I had to sit close or move the TV painfully to get the best viewing angle, but since choosing to buy a 65-inch TV, everything has changed completely. Not only has the screen size increased, but image quality, color accuracy, viewing angles and many other smart functions have also been upgraded.

Moreover, 65-inch TVs are very suitable for luxurious and modern style when arranged in living rooms and meeting rooms. With this size or more, the TV will support 4K resolution, in addition to many other options such as OLED TV, QLED TV and Neo QLED TV with outstanding image display quality.

Why did I choose to upgrade to a 65 inch Neo QLED TV | Number toys

Among the many choices above, in terms of vision in the next few years, Neo QLED TV will be easier to access and catch up with high-end digital content than the rest of the TV series. Moreover, Neo QLED is also a new generation TV, supporting good brightness and accurate color display quality for an eye-catching entertainment experience.

In fact, there are several models of Samsung Neo QLED TVs that I feel are worth investing in in the same segment such as Neo QLED QN900A, Neo QLED QN90A, Neo QLED QN85A, this will definitely be one of the TVs that bring. True living space for your family.

    2. Suitable for home work and entertainment needs

One of the other reasons I chose to buy the 65-inch Neo QLED TV is because of the convenience in work that it brings. With the current epidemic situation, all work must be done at home, regularly having meetings with partners. Using a laptop is sometimes difficult, sometimes the battery runs out, sometimes the machine is hot and the network is unstable. Instead, conducting live meetings through the TV screen will also be easier and more stable.

Why did I choose to upgrade to a 65 inch Neo QLED TV | Number toys

Due to the mentally active nature of work, stress is often encountered at times. After work, I often reward myself with hours of relaxation with a variety of content packages that are included with the purchase of the TV. Not only fun entertainment programs on VieOn, FPT Play or POP Kids, but also an exclusive movie store on Galaxy Play with the support of 4K resolution on Neo QLED to help me have vivid frames. and have more depth.

Besides, with the ability to “variable” on Neo QLED, I don’t have to worry about pulling the curtains on sunny days, or increasing the brightness of the TV on movie nights because of the ability to automatically adjust the color. Whether it’s deep blacks or pure whites thanks to Quantum Matrix technology, colors are clearer and displayed more optimally.

Why did I choose to upgrade to a 65 inch Neo QLED TV | Number toys

I used to think, how good it would be if it could be cut in half or cloned into so many different TVs that family members could watch it. It may be hard to believe but since owning the Neo QLED I no longer have to divide my time watching TV or fighting with each other. Now I can watch multiple channels at once or even watch movies and video call with loved ones on the same screen. Although it is a small change, it also helps my family to be more connected, temporarily put aside all difficulties and have wonderful moments of relaxation together.

    3. Attractive promotion program

It’s an exaggeration to say that you don’t care about offers when buying a TV. It is also thanks to this golden opportunity that I own a quality Harman Kardon speaker system for 0 VND (included when buying a TV). So not only have more luxury items to decorate the house, but these speakers also silently support the TV sound quality even better. With this quality, Neo QLED TV will be a better choice than other TV lines.

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