Why did Bruce Banner and Hulk team up to be weaker than the original Hulk?

Maestro – the future devil version of Hulk is a combination of Bruce Banner’s brain and the power of his enormous blue ego. It sounds like the perfect match, but Marvel offers a pretty good reason why Banner and Hulk really should be separate.

The Maestro series by Peter David, one of the character co-creators, along with George Pérez, has given the detailed origin story of how Hulk became a dictator in Earth’s post-apocalyptic future.

In this timeline, Hulk and Banner have fused long before the end of the world, similar to the Smart Hulk transformation seen in Avengers: Endgame. In the first issue, Hulk wakes up in an underground AIM facility, where he has been trapped for years.

After leaving the base and seeing what changed the Earth, Hulk developed a hatred for humanity and led to him trying to take down Hercules to become Dystopia’s “Maestro”, a city of survivors.

In Maestro # 4, the Hulk tries to take Dystopia by force with an army of robotic hounds, but these hounds do not even make Hercules difficult and not even the Hulk himself can do any better.

The God of Power on top of Olympian easily dodged his attacks, then proceeded to smash the Hulk to the ground just like he did with Loki in The Avengers.

Hercules continued to taunt the already enraged Hulk, saying: “Come back when you don’t think too much, this won’t stop your strength. Your strength comes from anger, not reason. The more mad you are, the stronger you will be. But now you have lost yourself. Banner’s brain is in control of your power. “

The battle then ended with Hulk surrendering, accepting the fact that if he wanted to defeat Hercules, he was forced to let go of control from Banner’s brain.

Why did Bruce Banner and Hulk team up to be weaker than the original Hulk | Living

Hercules debuted in Avengers # 10 (November 1964), as Immortus’ henchman. The character’s first official appearance in the Marvel Universe was in Journey into Mystery Annual # 1 (1965), portrayed as a rival to the thunder god Thor. In 2008, Hercules debuted in its own series titled The Incredible Hercules. Hercules was ranked 21st by IGN in “Top 50 Avengers. The character is taken from mythology and written by writer and editor Stan Lee and character artist / concept owner, Jack Kirby.

Hercules might have won this match easily, but even he admits that things might have been different had he been against the original Hulk.

The combination of Banner’s wisdom and Hulk’s powers may seem like a perfect fit, but it takes away one key aspect to making the Hulk powerful: his rage.

Sure Banner could still get angry, but his intellect controlled himself and couldn’t help but realize when he was overwhelmed, which kept him from being able to truly show his full strength. yourself in a fight.

In contrast, the original Hulk possessed greater strength because he did not hesitate to constantly rage and cornered it against a stronger opponent, his strength also increased with anger until the battle. wins.

Banner’s brain has unintentionally placed a limit on how powerful Hulk is, while before that, his powers were limitless, as was his rage.

First appearing in the INCREDIBLE HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT series, Maestro is the Hulk tyrant version of a post-apocalyptic world. In a not too distant future, humanity has killed each other with nuclear bombs, causing catastrophes to unfold across the planet and taking the lives of superheroes.

However, the radioactivity that humans create not only did not kill Hulk, but also caused him to become more insane and become the Maestro. In the ruins of the old world, Maestro built Dystopia and became the dictator of all, taking what he wanted and destroying what he didn’t like.

This future Maestro is someone who knows nothing but booze all day long and doesn’t care about Dystopia’s people, making them destitute.

The essence of the Maestro is still the Hulk, possessing all of the Hulk’s power, most of which is enhanced by constant radiation exposure from which he has extremely high strength, as well as super speed, stamina and stamina. mortal.

Maestro was an experienced warrior, dangerously intelligent and cunning, and a man with a keen talent for manipulation.

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