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Why choose Micro SSD Trek?

And as part of a plan to diversify its product range, Trek has launched the Micro SSD Micro SSD model with many attractive features.

With the demand for data backup is increasing but the memory of the computer is limited so the equipped with an external SSD mobile hard drive is being chosen by many people because the main reason is the fast data backup speed. , compact, convenient to move

USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) with connection by USB Type C port

Why choose Micro SSD Trek | Khám phá

The USB Type-C interface is a new type of connection – allowing for small, reversible orientation and super-fast speeds that support USB 3.1. Trek’s Micro SSD has a maximum speed of 10Gbps and has a high output power level, up to 20V (100W), 5A.

Why choose Micro SSD Trek | Khám phá

Easy backup and retrieval of data

Why choose Micro SSD Trek | Khám phá

Micro SSD Trek hard drives have capacities of 256 / 512GB / 1TB, users can easily choose for themselves the appropriate capacity.

The read and write speed is extremely impressive when the read speed is up to 450MB / s and 400MB / s for the write speed of large files, Micro SSD Trek is compatible with operating systems platforms: Windows, Mac and Chrome …

Stylish zinc alloy shell, high quality

Why choose Micro SSD Trek | Khám phá

Designed with zinc alloy, simple and compact, Micro SSD Trek is extremely compact, equivalent to only a name card or ATM card. It can fit neatly in a pretty small bag, or be seated in a personal luggage bag. Although small, but the things it helps you to bring “the whole world” in your hand so extremely convenient for moving

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